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    I was a dick today....bad surf karma coming

    blatantly snaked a 19ish year old kid today bad.... His buddy said something to me respectfully. I then Splashed water at him and paddled off. 5 minutes later apologized to all involved. Something about being scolded or my feeling of being talked down to sets me off. I feel shame...
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    5'6 20.75 2.75 V35 Twinny. Fast and Skatey (is that how you spell it?). ERrb special $450 Been shaping lots of these with very positive feedback. xoxox
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    Help with sciatica please!!

    going on 2 months...and not going away. some days are better then others. Stretching, acupuncture, chiro.....not sure what else to do. Any suggestions? xoxoxo
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    My pop up has gone to sh!t!!!!

    after 30 years of surfing, i feel like a beginner again. My front foot drags on the deck and toes sometimes roll over. front foot ends up in the wrong place...i have to re-adjust the footing . After all that stumbling around.,,, ive blown the wave a lot of the time... ANY SUGGESTIONS...
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    only used a handfull of times. Some heal dents, but great shape. 7'2 22.25 3.25 54L text me 562 716 0429 $570
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    Rocker for a funboard question........

    Im shaping a board for a larger gentalman...built like a line backer. he wants a 7'8 x 22.5 x 3 1/8 fun board thing for HB waves not sure about the nose and tail rocker. Thinking relaxed rocker in front with a little kick the last 2" to 4.5 " and 3" in the tail. its a thruster. im...
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    7'4 22 3 solid board...nose and tail could use a little solar res. yellow around the fcs plugs. i dont thing its water related, that started happening right after i got it. Missing 1 fin........ $100 firm. long beach text 562 716 0429
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    mini simmons bottoms..

    whats going on with the bottoms of those things? flat to V? they got my interest. thank you
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    Shipping boards ..what companies for domestic and international

    Hi! I searched, but the search here blows.... can anyone give me a heads up on who to use for shipping boards from the OC/LA area? domestic and international Thanks
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    BIOLOS SPLIT KEEL QUAD a set of Performers

    Both sets used once. $100 shipped for both. List price is $140-150 for the keels Leave a P.M. thanks
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    Whats the scoop with these mid-lengths twinnies with channels I keep seeing?

    they look awesome!!! What are the intended for and How do they go? Thanks