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    Please add "Jogging" and "Table Manners" to the master list of Racist Activities.

    Fact is that Western European culture/society is far superior to anything else that has ever been on this planet. People who eat with their hands do so because of a lack of forks. It's like saying toilet paper is racist and we should accept people wiping their ass with their left hand to be more...
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    New York becomes 6th state to ban child marriages…..

    This was a new Gromsdad low. I'd like to see a construction worker buy even a single home. Mexicans hammering away for $5/hr while you are trying to save up for a house :roflmao:
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    Actual Surfing Question

    haha I was gonna ask that too, but let it go because I thought we could have a sh!t-free thread. Some people have that switch stance way of standing on their surfboard. A bunch of people have it here.
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    Perfect Designs

    It's an IG troll account.
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    Poast your strenf training program

    I need to get stronger, probably. Can hardly do 10 push ups. I struggle with 30kg bench press.
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    Creased Board?

    I got you covered. Just some splints and spraypaint it. Noone can tell it ever broke (thrice).
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    Creased Board?

    As long as the stringer is intact and there is no damage to the fibreglass on the rails then it should be fine (I think). The strength of the board is in the stringer itself and the connection between the top sheet of fibreglass to the bottom one. I had a board with severe cracked rails, one day...
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    Financial advisor???

    His knee is injured so he had to stop competing and went down from 168kg to 90kg. Before the weighlifting he used to be a very good snowboarder, but he had some knee accident from it.
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    Financial advisor???

    Squat on this Twiglegs Moneysatan.
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    Financial advisor???

    Powerlifting is the best on-land training for surfing. Beats the carver skateboards.
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    Financial advisor???

    As someone who doesn't surf that is!
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    Financial advisor???

    Sell and then do what? 100% stocks 100% of the time and stay the course is the only long term solution.
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    Financial advisor???

    The brainy people here have all said the same: Forget bonds, buy ETF's online and forget about them too. The guy who started the "Mental health thread" said he knew a guy who told him he thought a stock would go to $25. Have your pick.
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    Financial advisor???

    Buy S&P 500 ETF, Dow Jones ETF and NASDAQ ETF. Forget about them and thank me in 30 years. You will get clobbered a few times down the road, but nothing can beat that stuff over time. Bonds are a waste of money unless you have $100mill and the interest is enough to keep you going. Having money...
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    Telework, Hybrid, or Office?

    Saddest post I've read here.
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    What's your favorite edible Brassica? (kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.)

    Aruka is there some kind of message in this thread!? The evidence is starting "to mount" :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: Aruka in another thread, defending the shitmidget from the attackers: Will not even give that one the monkeys:roflmao:
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    I can ony report what I saw. At the end of the water, there was a fog, covering the end of the world to the human eye.
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    Not surfing related, but still in the water. I was at a drill rig this week. Almost at the North Pole. Some of the local inhabitants, waiting for the bus