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    Mazatlan Hotel that tries to Run point

    Can't remember the name of said hotel that catered to those staying at hotel by patrolling the lineup on their fish for residents. I don't want my friend to go near there, but can't remember the name. Please help if you an
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    Mandalay Beach Done?

    !. Cement path to the beach is buried in two feet of sand. 2. Trash is everywhere. 3. Was told that it was going to be let go, parking lot and path because of all the junkies that hang in the bushes at night killing themselves. Drugs seem to be taking over California and the...
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    Arrest the Bastards

    WTF is up with the GOP refusing to take down illegal voting boxes?
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    Enjoying the Beach through gloom

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    Nicely Done!

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    Long long lines at all the pot shops nearby. Virus money essentially spent?
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    This Guy was Killing it

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    Surf Check