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  1. Clamsmasher

    Anyone tried a P180??

    I’m looking at picking up a used P180 to cover me for prone pump and winging... Got the 120, 140, 210 now. what’s it like?
  2. Clamsmasher

    So I tried to wing a prone board.

    I put straps on an old 4’4” @ 40ish litres and took it out today. I had a choice of heaps of wind or semi smooth so I went smooth. it didn’t go very well. I felt like the board was too corky to sinker start and I couldn’t get it planing on my I don’t know? Thinner, more shortboardish...
  3. Clamsmasher

    Wingboard build.

    Yo frothers. Im making a new board to go with my 6m wing. 5’2” x 29 x up to 6” (not sure about going so thiccc ). im hoping to make something very stable for it’s size, light and able to get up quickly in light wind. happy to hear your thoughts on the short/wide thing if you gone down that...