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  1. silentbutdeadly

    Sprinter Van Owners

    the bums lost!
  2. silentbutdeadly

    Fin keys…

    I still have a hess with lokbox
  3. silentbutdeadly

    Fin keys…

    true ames or fcs. everyone knows this. why dafuck does futures supply one that isn't completely snug?
  4. silentbutdeadly

    Staged vs continuous rocker.

    planing but the biggest wake possible while maintaining enough speed for the rider. You add as much weight to the boat as possible to increase displacement. The wake is biggest at 6-8 mph but that's too slow to wakeboard, but good for wakesurfing speed.
  5. silentbutdeadly

    Ranch Access: Shuttles and Cars and Trails, oh my!

    that thing is stupid r32. let's just keep widening freeways
  6. silentbutdeadly

    Varial denting

    That's just a normally worn board. No one on the erBB keeps a board more than two months so we're used to seeing barely broken in boards. :D
  7. silentbutdeadly

    Staged vs continuous rocker.

    It has to be or there would be no wake. It's just displacing less. Right?
  8. silentbutdeadly

    Lots of Theory here for you Guyz to buy into

    I turned it off when he talked about not wanting to ride something because of a seemingly minor volume adjustment despite recs from the actual shaper. as for GG, well... are you new here lol?
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    fvvk. And now a post I didn't want to read.
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    I really didn't need to see that video
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    jesus christo. my buddy had one and it was a crappy dog and got eaten by a coyote this one appears to be much better
  12. silentbutdeadly

    Joe Rogan

    It's dangerous to only hear what you want to hear.
  13. silentbutdeadly

    Snapper Rocks - DONE

    Perfect gif to describe the wsl. they're seriously getting rid of snapper?
  14. silentbutdeadly

    Diamond tails

    I see what you did there.
  15. silentbutdeadly

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    "The other thing that really struck me was how balanced the foil felt in conjunction to the nose and tail rockers" That be a stamps right there.
  16. silentbutdeadly

    The Craigslist Thread

    Fark man, diamond tail and leash string all in one ad.
  17. silentbutdeadly

    Album Surfboards

    Oh he'll be back!
  18. silentbutdeadly

    Joe Rogan

  19. silentbutdeadly

    Joe Rogan

    christ, have you listened to his podcast?
  20. silentbutdeadly

    Sailing lessons...

    I went to their summer camps as a kid. I liked sailing.