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    Palisades Fire

    We now have 2 super scoopers in SoCal. They do an excellent job. But unfortunately not the complete answer to the problem.
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    Palisades Fire

    It really depends on the fire conditions. During the Paradise fire, many strike teams did whats called, "fire front following". They let the fire blow through areas that burned too hot to have firefighters in there to provide structure protection. Once the fire came through, the firefighters...
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    Palisades Fire

    No question. There is a triage process. If it's possible to get out ahead of the fire front, firefighters will go through communities to assess properties that are safe to defend, and which properties are a write off. Most states have a standard of 100 ft of bare mineral soil around all...
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    Palisades Fire

    It's mostly financial and logistic. Having the funds and the manpower to set up the towers and cameras. So far, it works pretty well.
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    Palisades Fire

    I won't disagree with that.
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    Palisades Fire

    Yep, that's in the works. UCSD is establishing a network of cameras across the west for exactly that purpose. I know some guys working on the project. It's working so far, but it is a multi-year endeavor and continually evolving.
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    Palisades Fire

    Yep. I know about them. They are hit and miss. The photo examples you showed are the success stories. Some of the fires over the passed several years have burned so hot, that no amount of fire protection and all of the firefighters in the world can suppress or extinguish. And these types...
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    Palisades Fire

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, sprinklering your property to protect against wildfire? Good luck with that. I've watched 250 gal/min fire streams evaporate from the heat of the head of a fire before the water even touches the flame. How about fires that burn so hot that they ignite the paint on a hydrant...
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    Palisades Fire

    Different colored ribbons (flagging tape) indicate different things. Some indicate a predesignated escape route in case conditions go to sh!t. Some indicate trees or brush that need to be cleared. Some are to signal down, charged power lines. Some are just bread crumbs to let other members of...
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    Palisades Fire

    It's a heads up warning for other firefighters in the area for a tree that could potentially fall and injure or kill someone. Not sure why they'd be tied to saplings, other than to block access to an area where there was a "widow maker".
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    Surfing - The Official Thread

    That looked like real surfing.
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    erBB Kauai people - please help

    We did Kauai Backcountry Adventure Inner Tube ride last time we were there. It was pretty cool. Worth doing. Beautiful 4x4 drive up to the launch point. Dinner at the Hanalei Dolphin is pretty great too.
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    Surfer Presents VELO

    I don't even know what any of this means.
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    Paulina Porizkova at Age 56 Nude

    That's actually a photo of me with Shawn Weatherly. I'm going to need you to stop trying to assume my identity.
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    Happy birthday ShiverMeTimbers!!!

    Happy bday buddy. I'll be on Liberty Bay in July. PM me for beers in Keyport or somewhere closer to you.
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    which one of you B!tches hexed me?

    Wasn't me. You know how much I love you.
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    Prone paddleboarding

    Well, the last time I escorted 20W for the Rock 2 Rock race, I had a kick ass weekend full of fun in the sun, whiskey, and fellowship and merriment. I just cant always commit because race season is my busy work season.
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    RIP Larry McMurtry

    Yep. And as happens so often, the book is way better than the mini series. And the mini series is one of the best ever. So that's saying something. Even better is the audio book, narrated by Lee Horsley.
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    L.A. Homelessness...

    Bingo. I find that most people who feel the way Stringcheese does is a result of a lack of close, personal experience on this issue.