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    The Craigslist Thread

    I'm pretty sure this board is actually a swallowtail Pod. Which, ironically, would make it even more rare. Curious on the dims. Older school CB lam too.
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    "Shortboards"... More fun, or simply logistics?

    May I suggest a Mini Simmons...? and may I further suggest the Twinzer fin configuration.
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    6ft Dakine shuttle bag $20

    Thanks. Saw the 6' x 23" in the link and got all stoked. Algorithm already cracking its knuckles and rolling its neck for the parade of $150 hybrid bag banner ads I'm about to get inundated with... Thanks for the timely reply. Hey look...a Wavetribe
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    6ft Dakine shuttle bag $20

    Will this fit my 5'6 x 22.5 mini simmons? if you're game on stuffing it in a box and shipping it to Rhode Island I'll pay the original $25 plus shipping for your troubles. Thanks!
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    *** Official Right wingers storm US Capitol Building Thread ***

    Maybe now someone will watch this full 39 sec? He is ESCORTED in - by Police- to the senate chambers where someone is Already filming, and then the two officers- one capitol police and one..?- have a polite Conversation about how long they are going to be here and just be careful.
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    WTB Flying Diamonds Revival fin 9.5

    Long shot here, but anyone holding one of these CC Revival fins in 9.5"? and wouldn't mind firing it in an envelope to RI. Thanks!
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    *** Official Right wingers storm US Capitol Building Thread ***

    So nothing on this...? Huh. You can clearly hear the Capitol Police officer address the other officer who Escorted this lunatic in conversing. Why wasn't he instantly, tazed/maced/cuffed? Huh? The entire video is less than 40 sec. Anyone?
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    *** Official Right wingers storm US Capitol Building Thread ***

    He should have opened the door earlier and been more courteous like these officers. Really broke in and seized the place. Wow. He was even escorted. How were they already filming...?
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    MBLV and it is for Sale - 8.5/10 condition, minor deck pressures, glass snackle here or there, or for Trade for another great bonzer. Located in New England. Board is a really beautiful coke bottle resin tint with dark mint pinline. Really beautiful.
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

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    5'8 Campbell Brothers MBLV bag and fin - $750 in RI - East Coast New England
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    What is your stance, which is your dominant hand and are you front or back footed?

    Same. PM sent. Click on the link for my pics. Call me. Phone number is in pic 3, on left cheek. Nothing weird though.
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    Single fin insert

    I'm out here on the east coast in Rhode Island and frequently do bonzer searches on the craigs over there. I was WILDly smitten with that 6'4 you made, but it disappeared before I could make a move. Incredible outline and design. Nothing of relevance to contribute here except a cross country...
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    Campbell Brothers Light Vehicle - not mini

    Anyone have one of these they can speak about? Not the mini light vehicle, but the full on mid 6 to 7 feets model. And also not a Russ Short with LV bottom. I really dig the outline tremendously and would love to hear about it. - And possibly score one- Thanks! Plucked a bunch of images from...
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    Hey Snorklers, Snorkle This!

    Seems it only happens to people who would contact the authorities. "911...what's your emergency?" "Yeah, hi. WOW. I can't believe this but I was snorkeling and I just found a bag with sixteee....sev....uh,, yeah, yeah, whew- sixteen point seven lbs of cocaine in...
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    fish or mini-Simmons?

    He did.
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    Twinzer Feedback?

    That rounded diamond tail on the R2 is very sweet. Wondering how his Winston Churchill in a 6'3 or 6'5 would fare from this treatment. Thank you for this. Sick boards.
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    Twinzer Feedback?

    Really interested to see what you're running - board and fins- if you have the time for pics or shaper info? Long time bonzer disciple here and would love to have an all round good wave twinzer. Thanks!
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    Wasn’t there a poster here that mentioned this (regarding covid) a few times? Article from MSN Doesn't specify if the mice in the study were depressed though...