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    WTB Flying Diamonds Revival fin 9.5

    Long shot here, but anyone holding one of these CC Revival fins in 9.5"? and wouldn't mind firing it in an envelope to RI. Thanks!
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    5'8 Campbell Brothers MBLV bag and fin - $750 in RI - East Coast New England
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    Campbell Brothers Light Vehicle - not mini

    Anyone have one of these they can speak about? Not the mini light vehicle, but the full on mid 6 to 7 feets model. And also not a Russ Short with LV bottom. I really dig the outline tremendously and would love to hear about it. - And possibly score one- Thanks! Plucked a bunch of images from...
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    Wanted! FCS 1 Compressor quads -

    Looking for a set of FCS 1 Compressor quads you may have lying about so I can give them a go in my new to me Mini Simmons! Fins- Troubles-
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    Mini Simmons fin set up?

    Picked up a 5'6 x 22 1/2 x 3 Austin mini simmons and it's an absolute Blast to ride and is set up with 5 FCS 1 plugs. Currently being run as a twin with FCS FK2 keels - 3 tab - in the rear and it's fast and twin shreddy, but was looking for a good quad recommend for something drivey, yet still...