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    Surf Ranch Pro Getting Torched

    wish it was in MY backyard.... :waving:
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    Surf Ranch Pro Getting Torched

    I like that Kelly rode a quad. Such a rebel.:ban:
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    Should Juneteenth revered on the same level as July 4th as an American holiday?

    I shudder to think... :eek:
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    Should Juneteenth revered on the same level as July 4th as an American holiday?

    Philly rang in the new holiday w/9 shot 3 dead. :oops:
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    Frontier Airlines Reservations Number

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    Aussie/NZ COVID.

    Aussie news was the first TV show I ever saw that reported on swell. :applause2:
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    Petition urging Jeff Bezos to buy and eat the Mona Lisa gains steam

    fun bags. :applause2::applause2:
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    Survey: NJ Ranked best state to live in…..

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    Chinese nuke plant leak

    no news is prolly bad news. :censored:
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    My Vet is pricey. They got me. They know it. I pay.:cry:
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    Sailing lessons...

    sorry to go all the way back to ES#1 but riding swells on a Hobie Cat is great fun. IMO best done w/boat owned by others. ;)
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    Un-official 2021 Tropical action thread

    TD # 2 moving ENE off Hatteras. Also western Gulf is rumbly. Gentle-Surfers start your engines....
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    AOC trolling again

    she has lipstick on her side. :monkey:
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    Chinese nuke plant leak

    while in OZ when TMI popped the Aussies were like...."Stay here Mate if your bloody country blew up" and they meant it. They are a friendly bunch those Ockers. :cheers:
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    Dark and THICC...the ride of your life. oh yeaaaaahhhhhhh.

    thats dedication. :ban:
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    A message from Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

    wanted the job but didn't want to do the work. (n)
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    I’m in the mouth of a whale

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    Sinister catch exposes China’s underwater spies on Australia’s doorstep

    the Aussies think china is coming for 3 reasons. air/food/water. :eek:
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    try the larger glue traps but secure them so they cant drag it away. on my block an old house was recently torn down and voila we got 'em. the pros use ratboxes w/poison. :sick:
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    During the latest Jew/Arab conflict many Jews were left wondering where was the giant space laser when they needed it? :shrug: