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  1. Icu812

    North Shore jet ski carnage

    Beautiful clean lines but this is kinda nuts..and who knew jet skis could fly?
  2. Icu812

    Surfing the sky

    I know this is a surfing forum but I thought some of you might appreciate this. And flying is just another version of cruising through a fluid...air. One of the coolest things about flying is you learn to 'see' the wind, and it acts just like water as it blows over terrain. So this is a blog...
  3. Icu812

    This seems like a good thing

    I know traffic down there is mostly all horrible, except maybe in this pandemic, but for me when I'm driving down that way to visit family in San Diego, I'd rather be in slow traffic than have more roads encroaching on beaches and wetlands...
  4. Icu812

    Another kayak attacked by whitey in Shelter Cove

    Just a little guy Damn, this is gettin' to be a regular thing...just 3 months ago another kayak fisherman had a whitey encounter but he was bleeding out a ling..this guy was just cruising along...Guess it's getting close to shark season...or is it always shark season?
  5. Icu812

    There's a comet out there tonight...

    Just took this shot off my back porch.
  6. Icu812

    Surfing Iceland

    Looks just a little cold... This is from a cool site my Brooklyn pal turned me on to called Mountainfilm. This is a collection of films that have been shown at the Mountainfilm Festival that's usually held on Memorial...
  7. Icu812

    Stuck in Singapore

    Saw the photo of the 'beach closed' poster in Encinitas somewhere and thought of a buddy of mine that lives down there so texted him up to see how he was doing...He goes 'sucks'...'I'm on day 11 in Singapore on real quarantine. Not fake quarantine. Can't leave room for 15 days. Was trying to get...