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    Longboard Speed Shape

    Have a log for small waves, but I'm not into either noseriding or 'performance longboarding' so looking for something different. Something fast that can trim but also glide out on the flats. Knee to HH+ This looks perfect to me. What say you?
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    DIng repair - dark boards

    I need some help, guys. Staggered up the rocks the other day completely exhausted, with my new 8'6 DS under my arm, and managed to drop on the rocky gravel carpark. Just fcuken slipped out of my grasp. No real damage, but lots of little white marks on the black rails. Is there a clever way to...
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    Webster Desert Storm

    Two new arrivals. I ordered the 6'4 in Feb 2020, but plans got scuppered by Covid. Ordered the 8'6 recently and had them shipped to NZ. Stoked, to say the least. Webby is the gun master. 6'4 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/4 37.5L 8'6 x 20 1/2 x 3 1/2 64L
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    Tail Pad for Proper Gun?

    What say you? 8'6 Desert Storm incoming, and I'm in two minds about whether to grip it. I'm so used to having that kick there to keep me from doing the Mick Fanning splits. Really curious to hear from the regular big board crew.
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    'Big' Wave impact/flotation vest

    Who's got any experience and/or opinions? What size surf do you start wearing one? Rip Curl makes a nice looking one, and it's available in NZ.
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    Leash caught on rock? Here's how to not drown

    Don't know how many of you have had close calls when your leggie snags on a rock and the current holds you under. It's not fun, and it can be very very hard to undo the velcro, but there's a very handy technique that may just save your life. Intuitively we bend down from the waist, like when...
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    Jay Davies - Spirit

    Apart from Wade Goodall's Pentacoastal, I reckon this is the best surfing in the best waves I've seen in ages. Jay Davies pretty much makes me feel like an inferior sub-human in every possible way.
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    Laying rail

    Nothing like burying the rail on a bigger board. To scratch that itch, got to @pulsesurf on Insta - truckloads of classic Aussie powersurfing. Margo on an 8'2. The undisputed King of the Planted Back Foot: Kiwi cameo from the wonderful Maz Quinn:
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    Noa Deane - Stab Acid thingy

    Noa rips, and he's a good dude, and he knows his design sh!t too. And Noa RIPS on the Timmy Patterson channel bottom. Holy heck!
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    Pat Curren needs your help

    This is desperately sad news:
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    CI Taco Grinder

    Who's ridden one? After hearing Wade Goodall talking about surfing P Pass on one, I had a closer look, and it's a beautiful board. Beef up the dims, and even I could probably have fun on it. Curious to hear how they go, and a comparison with the Ghost would be especially helpful. Edit: Wade...
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    Snake retires - Warning: contains brutal hacks!

    Jake Paterson retires from coaching (yep, Covid). This video was in the article, and it's some of the best surfing I can remember seeing. Longer boards, huge hacks, mad barrels. And up against Parko, Kelly and Andy, Snake does not surrender, just goes harder. Watching Richie Lovett half sh!t...
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    Healey's weird and wonderful Meeks beast

    Really interesting board. Really engaging presentation/story from Mark H.
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    8'6 gun quad position?

    Farther up, but how far? - Measurements from favourite boards? - Theories? - Other thoughts? Going to shape an 8'6 gun, probably 8'6 x 20 1/2 x 3"and a bit. Dedicated quad. Would do a 9'0, but this is all I can eke out of my blank.