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  1. Icu812

    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Just starting to kick these Vanilla Biscottis into flower...
  2. Icu812

    Official Bird & Nature Post

    California kingsnake, hopefully eating the rodents on the farm...
  3. Icu812

    Packing Board Bag

    If you're traveling with anyone else a good plan is to swap a board with somebody. We got to Jakarta and there was a guy standing at the gate when we got off the plane with a sign with my name on it..uh oh, wtf? Turned out one of the board bags didn't make it. Got to the turnstile and it was...
  4. Icu812

    Killed my dog today. (NSR)

    Dogs truly are man's best friend...sorry for your loss...we just lost our old backpacking buddy Paloma on Monday...she just laid down by the fireplace and the wife and I looked down and realized she wasn't breathing anymore...she was over 13yrs old so it wasn't unexpected...still sad though...
  5. Icu812

    Things to bring to Indo (boat trip)

    Depends on if you're trying to keep up with the blokes from down under...
  6. Icu812

    Things to bring to Indo (boat trip)

    One tip I got was to go down to your local thrift store and get some trunks and logo t-shirts and use them to line your board bag then give them away to the locals out there. Really was a big hit. Also, when you get to Padang have somebody run out to a local pharmacy and get some of this stuff...
  7. Icu812

    Do you even like your spouse?

    Haha, reminds me of Gallagher: "If your woman leaves you for another woman, should you hold the door for both of them?" I just turned 70, got married when I was 20...hmm, according to maths that means this summer it'll be 50 yrs...whoa...anyway she let me go backpacking and to Indo in the same...
  8. Icu812

    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    When I was 13 we drove up to Berkeley and went to Ski Hut for backpacking gear and climbing gear (Chouinard carabiners were the best). Got the ankle-high Pivetta suede outer boots, best boots I ever had. I have Asolos now and they're pretty good too. They're sorta mid-high tops but they're light...
  9. Icu812

    First time snowboarding, where to go?

    Lots of good suggestions here. I learned how to snowboard when I was 45 and definitely get a lesson. I tried doing it myself and boy, was that a mistake! Every single part of my body hurt the next day. Then my buddy Paco took me over to the absolute most bunny hill on Bachelor and taught me some...
  10. Icu812

    North Shore jet ski carnage

    Looks like at least 3 skis did make the last second decision to turn and run in, probably a wise decision.
  11. Icu812

    North Shore jet ski carnage

    Beautiful clean lines but this is kinda nuts..and who knew jet skis could fly?
  12. Icu812


    Mike Rad*** grew up around here, used to ride his homemade electric bike to golf practice. He's done quite well for himself with those Rad bikes. He also helped develop the Golf Board that Laird helped make famous. His bikes are very high quality, that's why they're expensive. Good kid, good...
  13. Icu812

    Oregon sneakers

    Trees in rivers (strainers) are really bad, you think the river doesn't look so bad...I just heard about this from a friend at the beach yesterday as we talked about your leash getting caught on a rock. Apparently that's what happened here...leash caught on a strainer while SUPing in a...
  14. Icu812


    My dad was a geologist...they're famous drinkers (here's lookin' at you Kento). I remember when I was growing up in the Salinas Valley they'd go on these field trips with a couple buses of geologists and a pickup following behind with the whole bed full of beer and ice. I don't know how they...
  15. Icu812

    The state of surfing in 2021

    Kids in sailboats get mowed over. Surf related.
  16. Icu812

    The state of surfing in 2021

    A coupla guys had to be rescued yesterday by the CG as the tide was draining Humboldt Bay with them in it. Couldn't out-paddle that current on a spring tide.
  17. Icu812

    Surf and ocean art

    I see that this photo is from the magazine page but I haven't been able to find it on there...must be an accompanying article?
  18. Icu812

    The ***OFFICIAL*** Post Surf Munch Session. Fotos preferred.

    These work...before, during, and after.
  19. Icu812

    Surf and ocean art

    Cool thread! My buddy Matt Beard has a great coffee-table book, Painting the California Coast. Beautiful work, probably has your spot in names though, as it should be.