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  1. Boneroni

    How do I change my signature?

    Little help R32. Looks like it's different than it used to be. I tried the FAQs and found this... But those directions seem to refer to options I don't see of the BB What am I missing? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. Boneroni

    **** Official 2021 Narrabeen Classic Thread ****

    Linky: Waiting period (for men and women): 4/16 - 4/26 Time zone: AEST (Pacific +10 hrs) Venue: North Narrabeen Beach Possible backup venue: Dee Why Point Previous event winners...
  3. Boneroni

    Should I request this suggested FB friend.....

    U better fkn believe it! I guess we have a few mutual friends. And bonzer5fin is not one of them. Weird.
  4. Boneroni

    Do you ever lie to your spouse?

    Why? About what? I promise I won't tell eunice. Asking because I told my wife I've been smoking pot for 6 months without telling her, and you'd think that I slept with her sister based on how she's reacting. She claims that I am dishonest with her so often, but in 14 years, she can only...
  5. Boneroni

    Here's Some surfing

    Blow it up to full screen, highest quality, crack open a beer (or ginger ale) and relax. My new favorite surfer is the guy who does the turn at 1:34, and rides the wave at 2:48 I'd rather watch good locals surf waves like this than pros.
  6. Boneroni

    Josh Kerr surfing really good waves

    Holy dang, this is some really good surfing in amazing waves. IMO, Josh is looking kinda like Curren in his turns and down the line approach. My favorite turn:
  7. Boneroni

    I think I have to get rid of my dog (& my scrotum got bit)

    No joke. Last night my big dog (Aussie) attacked my lil' dog (Terrier). She was latched hard onto his neck, below the ear. First thing I did was lift her up by the scruff of the neck, hoping she would drop him. She didn't, so he was left hanging from her mouth, biting and gnashing his teeth...
  8. Boneroni

    How to get songs on spotify, iTunes, etc....

    K, so I got this gig. It's a one time gig doing the music for a pretty popular podcast (to me, anyway). I got the specs, composed and recorded all the segments, and feel really good about almost every piece. Now, I'm realizing that after Tuesday, there could be thousands of people searching...
  9. Boneroni

    You guys gotta read this..... (it's surfy) Local Waterman Spontaneously Combusts Ding Alley Swellnet Dispatch Tuesday, 7 July 2020 The Toonalook surf community is reeling from the explosive demise of area real estate agent and self-described...
  10. Boneroni

    Tai Chi?

    I've recently started and it's kinda blowing my mind. My fitness and flexibility (and, thus, my surfing) are better than ever right now, but learning about tai chi has made me realize that I'm not actually thinking about my movement. I mean, with yoga, running and surfing, I'm thinking about...
  11. Boneroni

    Help. What should I do with these? (garden/landscaping)

    I'm a total newb and have been ripping apart my backyard to get more space. What should I do with all these agave? Would people or landscaping companies want them right now? I really just want them out. This pic is everything I've transplanted, and that's only around 10% of what I have. The...
  12. Boneroni

    If you need some Olympics, this is just as good....

    Guy is hilarious!