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    Grow Site Found by Rangers in Death Valley NP

    :roflmao: Well yes, that too.
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    Grow Site Found by Rangers in Death Valley NP

    Hidden from everything but Google Earth.
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    Derek Chauvin = NOT DONE

    Would this disqualify all Thin Blue Line flag/shirt flyers from serving as jurors in a criminal trial?
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    Will Democrats hold the House and Senate in 2022?

    Cuntlapper does work though.
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    Fin Volume?

    I Like Big Fins and I Cannot Lie?
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    Fin Volume?

    I know. I'm just grumpy because it's been strong NW winds for a while and I foolishly skipped that south because thought it would be destroyed but I found out later the error of my ways. :roflmao: Alas. Did a few dawn patrol runs in meantime to keep blood flowing; better than nothing. Hoping...
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    Fin Volume?

    Are they gluten free?
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    Bill and Melinda Gates Done

    I can't imagine how exhausting it would be to have and maintain that sh!t. Or even to have to pay people to maintain it all. I get stressed by having more than a half dozen keys on my ring. :drowning: :roflmao:
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    Fin Volume?

    Seriously. Just surf.
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    Teachers are delightful.

    What Would Zsa Zsa Do?
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    Equity is a race to the bottom

    What about a cart full of toilet paper?
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    Saw a couple people kayaking. I'd imagine the fishing is really good. I'd be wary of any side roads though. A burned out shell of a car at the junction is a worthy No Trespassing sign...
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    Will Democrats hold the House and Senate in 2022?

    Don't you want one of these with your paid subscription?
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    I love a Good "Good Book" thread

    Recently read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. It took a couple chapters to get used to the writing style but really great read and absolutely amazing something like that could be written back in 1992. Absolutely prophetic in some respects. Iberia by Michener was great; been wanting to go to...
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    Quite the landscape shift from down south. Crazy how so much of it is trees as far as the eye can see. Sure beats never-ending concrete. Eel River
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    Why the “let us achieve herd immunity naturally” people had it wrong this entire time...

    Dogs have to show immunizations prior to entering most other countries. Think of it as solidarity. Also worth noting that American QAnoners/Trumptards/anti-vaxxers DO show acute symptoms of rabies (cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, confusion, and agitation) so it's only natural to err on the...
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    Why Is No One Talking About This(Biden related)???

    Grandma #1 puking into the trash can, Grandma #2 enhancing everyone's drunkening, and STS looking on. I think Bidens/Carters should have duplicated that photo.
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    Which race will be superior on Mars (or whichever planet we attempt to colonize?)

    Gingers due to their natural camouflage.