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  1. feralseppo

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    I know the feeling. Trying to get the divorce completed.
  2. feralseppo

    Kazuma surfboards

    Step-up and another bigger wave board. Already corresponded. I was curious whether you had been quoted any particular time frame. Based on everything I've heard and other people's experience, the boards get delivered quickly.
  3. feralseppo

    Kazuma surfboards

    That was my impression when I put my order in January. Still waiting. :confused:
  4. feralseppo

    Kazuma surfboards

    Did you get a time estimate when your board would be done?
  5. feralseppo

    More theories on Insta

    I think this plan shape might be what GG is referring to.
  6. feralseppo

    Twinzer Feedback?

    This one is at 9 3/4"
  7. feralseppo

    More theories on Insta

    That is the claim. Greenough said he came up with the concept so he could surf Grade B waves because the Grade A waves got too crowded. The rail cuts through the wave face and it seems to go through chop well. The rail also feels like it provides extra hold and keeps the single fin from...
  8. feralseppo

    More theories on Insta

    This is the Andreini I had. Vaquero with a square tail that is pulled in a little. I don't think this is the type of board Greg is referring to, but maybe not enough area loss for his liking.
  9. feralseppo

    More theories on Insta

    It is more like a knife through butter.
  10. feralseppo

    Things to bring to Indo (boat trip)

    Rinsekit is a no brainer.
  11. feralseppo

    Scamming other shapers boards

    Everyone makes a Bonzer and even rips off the name. No different than copying a pair of jeans. Theft of the actual computer file would be a different story. The ad says he scaled other sizes Which probably means they are not exact copies either.
  12. feralseppo

    The best pizza?

    D’Amore’s claims to import everything from Italy, including the water.
  13. feralseppo

    The best pizza?

    Someone mentioned Lou Malnati’s about 17 years ago on page 1. Had it about 3 weeks ago when I was in Phoenix. I think it rivals if not better than Zachary’s in the Bay Area. D'amore's in Malibu is about as good as it gets for NY Style.
  14. feralseppo

    What's up with....Thread

    What’s up with the Surf Straw? is this something Foilers and rinse kit people use?
  15. feralseppo


    We should create a safe space for you.
  16. feralseppo

    mid-lenght speeddialer?

    Try Spencer Kellogg (prof krispy). I saw a nice long quad fish at one of the shops in Ventura.
  17. feralseppo

    Greg Griffin personal quiver.

    LOL you provide no numbers to the shaper when you order a custtom? You tell the shaper I want a surfboard, here’s my money and leave the rest up to imagination?
  18. feralseppo

    Has surfing finally passed peak retardation?

    We need more sharks.
  19. feralseppo

    What's up with....Thread

    I saw quite an interesting warm up the other day down at HellPorto. Dude looked like he was combining yoga with some advertising trash on Instagram.