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  1. hammies

    Brown Clouds Matter

    "... the man’s lawyer, made clear that this is a hill his client is willing to die on..." Fart-Gas Hill??
  2. hammies

    NPR Host says that objective neutral journalism is "fraught in whiteness"

    I think their straight-up news is pretty solid. The opinion shows skew heavily woke for sure.
  3. hammies

    CA people: this seems like good news - is it? how bad is this situation?

    My first time to the Ranch we were about 18 and walked in and surfed Zoomers. We thought we were so fukkin cool. Never surfed it since (why would I, it's not very good). And +1 on Razors being scary on a big day.
  4. hammies

    Retards Will Inherit the Earth ?

    They can do that; a lot of software and tech/finance companies could. I'll bet their average salary was already well into 6 figures.
  5. hammies

    NPR Host says that objective neutral journalism is "fraught in whiteness"

    But that's what gets listeners. Nobody wants to hear nuanced viewpoints that might have some agreement with both sides (or the many sides) of any particular issue. Same goes for about 99% of news and talk radio. Radio clickbait.
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    Distant Shores

  7. hammies

    The Gottdam Dermatologist

    My guy wants me to do a full face peel with 3 - 4 days of Fluoracil to bring up the cells and then blast 'em with PDT. The alternative is he keeps having liquid nitrogen parties on my face every 6 months.
  8. hammies

    The Random Photo Thread

    I had a small pond in my backyard and for a couple of years had some Koi in there, not huge, maybe 6 - 8 inches. One morning I went out and they were gone, and this big ol' Egret was on my fence, thanking me for his meal. Fucker.
  9. hammies

    Hawaii- Done

    You're not even supposed to call 'em locals any more. I guess it's "settlers" instead of kama’aina and "indigenous people" instead of Kanaka Maoli, at least in the world of academia.
  10. hammies

    Taking your pet to work?

    The wants and needs of the individual vis-a-vis the wants and needs of society does not have to be an either/or. It's just that pundits like to divide people, so they make it that way.
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    The world Today

    "I'm not trying to be an asshole..." But she was.
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    Is this how you treat a member of the armed forces during a routine traffic stop?

    Those cops were way out of line. I'm sure they wouldn't have been such dicks had the guy been white. The guy has a legit beef. I saw an interview with a black cop once and he said they usually can't tell the race of the person they're pulling over.
  13. hammies

    Meet the scientist who’s been studying mRNA since the 80s and made the coronavirus vaccine possible......

    That's a nice article, but scores if not hundreds of scientists have been working on mRNA therapies and vaccines for a long time.
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    Happy Confederate Surrender Day.....

    A lot of people in the South are still fighting the Civil War, in their hearts.
  15. hammies

    Texas is fully open: no more mask mandate.

    Gotta look on the bright side of this. Darwin awards on a large scale.
  16. hammies

    Manhattan Beach, giving it back...

    We didn't steal it from the Mexicans - we won it in a war, fair and square!
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    CA people: this seems like good news - is it? how bad is this situation?

    The Ranch is already pretty crowded. Max boaters on any weekend or good swell weekday, plus owners and friends. If you live there you can still score the goods during off-peak hours but those times are getting fewer and fewer. If they allow unlimited drive-ins it will be a total shitshow, and...
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    Vaccine Passports. Constitutional or Not?

    I would love to see the rates of serious complications, hospitalizations, and deaths for any of the vaccines, now that about 100M people have been jabbed, and see how that data compares with actual Covid. I am guessing that the vaccines are multiple orders of magnitude less. In the USA you...
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    Manhattan Beach, giving it back...
  20. hammies

    What's Next in Education

    Colleges and school districts are always trying to minimize the effects of the instrctor. Common assessments, common curriculum, interchangeable classes, generic online lectures, etc. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows the importance of having a good teacher.