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    Under the wave at Waimea

    I love reading stuff by Chas Smith in Beach Grit. This is an excerpt from his inspired review. Epiphany. Real surfers, those who have actually sacrificed their lives for surf, are, by and large, illiterate and by “illiterate” I don’t mean “can’t read.” I mean we live our lives in the...
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    Taking your pet to work?

    I still miss my surf buddy from the 1980s. Photo by Jeff Divine
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    The Random Photo Thread

    Vicious creatures
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    Political Meme Thread

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    Political Meme Thread

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    Where's all the old boogie boarders?

    Big Rock was wall to wall boogie boarders in 2005. Joel Tudor must have banned them.
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    Political Meme Thread

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    Is TESLA the new surfmobile? ERmag looks to find out...

    I'm certain that the other deeper satisfaction the author of the article was referring to was getting his stool pushed...
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    “I can’t breathe” 2.0

    The trial or the crucifixion, make up your mind, moron.
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    Back to normal: Spas, staffed potentially by Asians, serial blasted

    I have Asians on all three sides of me. Awesome neighbors. It's been about 15 years since I was hired to close a property purchase with an inmate at the county jail and I still remember the meeting. It was held deep in the jail in a common area surrounded by cells. I was accompanied by 2...
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    Taking your pet to work?

    With employees spending more time than ever at home, their relationships with their pets has strengthened. As such, employees are concerned about how their furry friends will fare when they have to return to a physical work environment. Three in 10 employees surveyed by Banfield Pet Hospital...
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    Manliest Tattoo Thread

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    Political Meme Thread

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    Political Meme Thread

    Life in a nutshell
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    Political Meme Thread

    Viva Mexico
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    Political Meme Thread

    Just in case you failed the hydrodynamics class. Squeeze blue bulb once every 12 hours.
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    Biden takes a spill...

    I thought she already had. Do you know something we don't?
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    Political Meme Thread

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    Political Meme Thread

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    White House staffers asked to resign or work remotely after revealing past marijuana use.

    Biden and Cannabis? The guy already acts like he's stoned. And his VP chuckle talks every time you ask her a serious question. This is going to be an interesting 4 years.