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    Surfer dies at Rincon following collision with another surfer...

    Thanks for posting, it's good to put a face to a name, even in horrible circumstances. We moved to Paris a decade ago and my surfing now is basically limited to fun sessions in Hossegor area. I like it that way, frankly. I haven't brought any boards over from the US, still stashed on the Outer...
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    Grocery Store Situation

    The grocery store on our street is open Sunday afternoons but only the self checkouts, which only take debit/credit. I was in line recently and a girl of about 20 asked me if she could give me cash if I would pay for her groceries (she had about 10 euros worth) with my debit card (she didn't...
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    Dr. Seuss dominating Bestseller list?

    It's pretty easy for the Seuss heirs to pull a bunch of his bad titles, but when they come for the Cat in the Hat I bet there will be pushback. isn't that book promoting child abuse by leaving little kids home alone? What if the Cat was a molester? What then, huh? I kid, I kid. I couldn't...
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    Money vs. Time or. Time vs. Money

    This is it in a nutshell. I'd rather have money, given that and 35 years of a working life. If you really need the time but have the money, that's a lot easier than having time but needing money, if you get my drift. Of course you don't want to build a lifestyle that is dependent on your working...
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    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    You best be VERY confident in your builder and your specs if you go full custom. A guy I used to ride with in NYC had a full custom Seven titanium road bike built up for him and it was completely missized, like clearly too small. He had way too much stem and seatpost showing. We didn't really...
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    Long Strange Trip the Grateful Dead documentary....

    Deadheads are what white privilege looks like.
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    Long Strange Trip the Grateful Dead documentary....

    What's become of the baby is a pretty good answer. And some of the acid test video at which the dead played looks pretty psychedelic to me. But after aoxomo--whatever they left that scene behind for good. What's cool about the dead to me is the mix of traditional and psychedelic sounds, or more...
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    Tiger Woods cut out of his roll-over with the ‘jaws of life’ this morning!

    He is a terrible driver, impaired or not. I told my wife last night that if I had as much money as he does, I'd have a full-time driver on call, then keep a few trackday cars for closed race courses so I could get my ya-yas out once in a while. Seriously, what is the attraction to driving a...
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    Long Strange Trip the Grateful Dead documentary....

    There's a fun doc on Bobby that came out a couple of years ago. He's still very into playing, has a nice setup in the California hills. I agree 100% that the Dead are sui generis. I can't stand Phish and 99% of "jam bands" -- completely insipid. To me some of the real heirs of the Dead are...
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    New Andrew Doheny vid

    That's some lame clothing. Gee, what can we sell: Ts, hoodies, toques..."surf style" is the worst, hasn't changed a bit in 30 years. At least in the 80s you had some punk/new wave influence.
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    New Tom Curren Video

    tube...barrel...chandelier... good stuff. Curren has always been like that. I think he's somewhere on (the good side of) the autism spectrum.
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    Pe'ahi January 2021

    Agree 100% I watched all of those early Jaws videos when they came out in the mid 90s and the only difference between then and now is that there are a few guys who can get deeper in the barrel, which is probably due to advances in boards. Laird and the Strapped crew were making it up as they...
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    Regarding maximum speed, it's not really the top speed that worries me but the ability to accelerate super fast in a crowded area.
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    Ha, yeah. Last summer I rode the Etape du Tour, an event in the French Alps that follows the route of a Tour de France stage. i was about 30 km up a 40 km climb, dying, on my carbon fiber race bike when I passed this Karen on a ladies e-bike. Not a hair out of place. I actually don't have...
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    What you gonna buy with that stimulus?

    Crypto, or possibly biomed. What else would you do with it? (Seriously, a lot of folks could use the money but don't fall for the "juice the economy" by buying unnecessary stuff. We aren't out of the woods yet.)
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    LA 80's Punk Scene

    In the "full circle" department, you know that Exene Cervenka is a far-right Trumpy nut job. "Los Angeles" was always tongue in cheek, however. John Doe is / was a major talent in his own right.
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    Catfight at Pipeline

    Alright, so bored and read the follow up on Stab. Sorry, Moana, Tatiana apologized profusely, and it's your job to put on your big girl panties and accept it. Not pout and continue to spew.
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    Makua VLOG

    I enjoy Barley's blog because he so clearly puts a lot of time and effort into it, and frankly his tube riding is phenomenal. Not just Outer Banks phenomenal but world class. Remember that year he was in the Pipe Masters? Also, he's a genuinely likable guy without all the bro-brah stuff. Ben...
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    Sweet rock drop! Mexico can be sketchy if you run into the wrong crowd of locals. I think, in this case, they might have thought they were being shown up. I might not have done that if I were blue rashguard guy, especially at a spot that has a tight takeoff zone.
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    Fav hot sauce's?

    We make this at home. Easier than you think. We always have a jug in the fridge. Killer on eggs, pork loin, slap it on rice with a fried egg and it's heaven. Regarding hot sauce, I'm over the ones that try to singe off your taste buds. I always go back to Cholula as a daily driver. Although the...