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  1. Duffy LaCoronilla

    J&J vaccine is “morally compromised” according to people who don’t really mind raping little boys...

    Why? Because a stem cell from a 1970s era aborted baby was cloned and in 2020 some material derived from that clone made it’s way into the vaccine.
  2. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Texas is fully open: no more mask mandate.
  3. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Wasn’t there a poster here who said (regarding equity) that the only way to achieve it is to...

    ...bring down the top?
  4. Duffy LaCoronilla

    2Pac was killed by....

    ....Michael Jackson. They was beefin’.
  5. Duffy LaCoronilla

    So we’re bombing muslims in the Middle East again.

    That didn’t take long...
  6. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Wasn’t there a poster here that mentioned this (regarding covid) a few times?
  7. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Anyone ride Slater’s Banana?

    The Slater/Webber Designs surfboard known as “The Banana” that is....
  8. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Surfboards and gasoline fumes...

    Will exposing a board to gasoline fumes do damage over time? Assume low level of fumes over a long period of time..., thanks.
  9. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Rush Limbaugh - DONE

    RIP. Love him or hate him there’s no denying his impact. Gotta respect a guy who’s totally deaf yet continued his radio show. No easy feat.
  10. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Drug overdose in 2020 - huge increase...

    Should have locked down harder....
  11. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Keeping public schools closed is a racist policy...
  12. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Space Force....not......done.
  13. Duffy LaCoronilla

    City of Long Beach makes grocery stores pay $4 hour extra for “Hero Pay”... Kroger closes its stores in Long Beach. Now those “Heroes” are unemployed. Totally predictable. Yay Long Beach!