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  1. Goodfish

    Hey Greg

    Hey Jude!
  2. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    Scott got back to me once the swell died down. Locked in my order for a 5'10 Parallelogram and a 7'2ish single fin full-on hipster mid length. Feel dirty, but also excited. Wait time is 6 months+... Gave him your glassing specs, @retodd. Should be good for the mid-length too or should that be...
  3. Goodfish

    Tomo MPH

    This is going to be interesting...
  4. Goodfish

    New Tom Curren Video

    If you didn't like Free Scrubber, then you've lost your soul.
  5. Goodfish

    SITD Taj Burrow

    Dane on a Burch at a Mexian point was the pinnacle of Stab in the Dark on Acid, or whatever it was called. It melted my eyes. Not so interested in seeing Taj ride boards made for Kelly. Seems like sloppy seconds...
  6. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    Yeah, I saw that too. I just thought my beard was so nicely oiled that it wouldn't apply to me.
  7. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    When you guys go to, what do you see? I just get a blank white page. Can't see anything. Tried it on multiple devices with multiple IP addresses. Is my top knot not tight enough? Do I not have enough tie-dye T-shirts? What gives?!?!? I've emailed Scott my order...
  8. Goodfish

    Makua VLOG

    Why is Makua's wave being hyped so much? It looked like there were bigger waves were caught that day. Don't get it. PS. "STAY PSYCHED! START THE MUSIC! BEST DAY EVER!"
  9. Goodfish

    Makua VLOG

    It's like a surfing version of the wonderful cringe you get from the boss in The Office, but not intentional. I don't think... When he's spitting out pigeon I was almost crying in a sad, nauseous, but also funny way.
  10. Goodfish

    Tomo MPH

    The GMM2 is the one Tomo that I've never tried, but I'd still like to. I liked my SP2 for a while in shoulder-high clean conditions, but those days are rare and a fish beats all when it's like that anyway.
  11. Goodfish

    Tomo MPH

    The Hydronaut is the only Tomo I have left in my quiver. It's a wave hoover that you can put on autopilot to handle any drop no matter how ridiculous. I'm on a Burch drive now. All I'm missing is a midlength and a Parallelogram. Anyway, gotta go and fix my top-knot before I go to fire dancing...
  12. Goodfish

    Wave Of The Winter '20/'21

    I don't think there's been a wave ridden like JOB's Wave of the Winter from last year yet. That was just a beautiful wave ridden absolutely perfectly.
  13. Goodfish

    Pe'ahi January 2021

    Justine Dupont's barrel was the most impressive wave I've seen from this Jaws session. Kai Lenny's "tricks" just seem kooky and look stupid.
  14. Goodfish

    Weird fun placent

    Sick asym! Is that a Burch?
  15. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    Thanks for sharing your insight. I'll just go ahead and copy you on my next order, but I've told myself no new boards for...a while. Next order would be a Parallelogram and maybe some sort of hipster mid length. Kill me now...
  16. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    You go for durable? All of my boards look like they've been head-butted on numerous occasions. Which may be partially true. The newest ones I got from him show the weave through the glassing and the colouring. They've all been to my ding doc numerous times for fixing on the noses and tails...
  17. Goodfish

    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    Gotta say I do love all my boards from Ryan, but they are glassed awfully light. I chose the 'durable' option. Think I might go 'family heir loom' next time...
  18. Goodfish

    *** Official 2020 Billabong Pipe Masters Thread ***

    It was obvious this was gonna happen. World Shame League...
  19. Goodfish

    WTB Tomo Dual/Twin Hatchet Fins in Futures

    Wasn't much of a fan of the PowerDrive fins before or after the incident with the chick in the line-up. Might be my lack of skills, but they were a bit out of control on turns. Felt like too much push back and spring.
  20. Goodfish

    Tomo MPH

    Yeah, Forest. I'm pretty sure you must have 17 El Tomos already...