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  1. grapedrink

    Public vs Private Sector vaccine dispersal: Who's doing a better job?

    Where I live, private. The county system is non-responsive, and people who qualify end up waiting for weeks/months. Meanwhile, you can book appointments online with CVS/RiteAid/Ralphs etc and there are literally hundreds of appointments with less than a 1 week wait. Even people who work for the...
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    When will the state DAs bring charges against Trump?

    Srs question. I thought I read here that NY state already was planning to throw down as soon as Trump left office. Is it happening? Or another nothingburger?
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    Mysterious behavior from A glory hole in Porto

    I'd stay away from those bathrooms if I were you, it's getting weird. Heard it from a friend.
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    Anyone ever have a porch/exterior light dispute with a neighbor? (Warning: Contains CasaMugs problem)

    Backstory: Neighborhood was literally pitch black when I moved here, which was one of the selling points. No streetlights until a few years ago, but for the most part pretty dark. No issues with neighbors lighting. . . Until a few nights ago. House with adjacent backyard installed a very bright...
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    The politics section is boring now

    Snooze fest. Nothing interesting being discussed. Guess the nerves have calmed down not that Trump is out of the picture for the most part. No more emotionallly driven TDS inspired rage threads. Pretty much everything devolves into a GromsDad pile on while he goes into a cognitive dissonance...
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    Who/What will be the new media boogyman?

    Trump will officially be out of the picture, as he should be. What's next? The media will be desperate for something to talk about- Trump was both a blessing and a curse. So what will it be? I'm predicting a lot more Covington's in the next 4 years :ban:
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    Anyone Else Watching Cobra Kai?

    Watched seasons 1 and 2 on You Tube. Season 3 just dropped, about halfway through. Fookin. Epic. Show. :jamon: Lots of original actors, most notably Daniel San, but arguably more importantly the villains who pepper in throughout the course of show, also with original actor. Intentional...
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    Woke culture only exists on twitter and reddit

    . . . Until it doesn’t. This is what happens when feels > facts
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    Selling My Car on Craigslist. Advice?

    Posted my car last night. Listed it for $9900, KBB private party has it around $10.5-11k. Looked at some comps on autotrader with a 200 mile radius so I think my price is competitive without lowballing myself. Already getting inquiries, many of whom seem like they are flippers. Different area...
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    Seems only fair. Mitch set the precedent with his fookery in the last 2 election cycles. Rules are rules. Elections have consequences. That said, it could set the tone for future congress's that are not in the Dems favor and lead to a court that looks like a HS class picture, so not sure if...
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    Are Trump conspiracy theorists the dumbest people on the planet? :roflmao: :crazy2:
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    Finally, a well targeted ad that everyone

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    Twitter suspends Bipartisan advocacy group with no explanation Which is weird, because I keep hearing that twitter is neutral and that cancel culture doesn't exist.
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    Who's watching Biden right now?

    This is tough to watch. George Steph is playing damage control. I think he is saying the right things at their core, however he's talking in circles.
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    Gym membership scam & collections: Consumer Rights and Recourse?

    Signed up at a local anytime fitness about 2 years ago. Yeah, I know, a contract is a contract and I'm not trying to weasel out of that. I should've known better, however it's slim pickins around here and the equipment was brand new. Either way I was planning to live out the terms of the 2 year...
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    CA Prop 15: Thoughts?

    What say ye? Initially I thought it could be an ok prop because they that they will charge higher property taxes to "big corporations". Now that I look at the fine print, the threshold for what's considered big biz is a property valued at $3M. Which is what, 1/3 of a Whole Foods in a coastal...
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    Will the Left ever hold the Racist, White Supremacist, and Homophobic Che Guevara to the same standard as US Historical Figures? From his own book, the Motorcycle Diaries: "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving...
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    Retail, Done?

    Things were already pretty rough for retail. Having to compete with Amazon and other giants is hard enough, let alone sky high commercial rent and lax shoplifting laws/enforcement. Walgreens is threatening to leave SF because the shoplifting is so out of control, with deadbeats filling up...
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    Should protestors be refused covid-19 treatment?

    Remember these waivers that were circulating the socials a few weeks ago, and all the talk of how reckless and irresponsible it was for a few hundred protestors? Should we expect the protestors to carry these as well, since these protests are like, all about equal treatment and stuff? :ROFLMAO: