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    Do You Even VLOG, Bro?

    Everyone with a sticker on their board - and some without - has a youtube series. Who's everyone's favorites? I've been enjoying Brett Barley's lately. Nathan Florence does some great POV stuff on his.
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    SITD 2020

    Convince me it's not Kelly
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    Stupidest Surfing Fashion Trends

    I've got a few in mind. But the one that I just can't get over is wearing a t-shirt as a rash guard. I used to think that wearing a soaking wet t-shirt was the most miserable thing ever. And now people are doing it by choice! No thanks. Lycra for life!
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    Wetsuit Jackets

    I've never been a fan. Too hard to get on/off. Always fills up with water. Maybe I just haven't found the right one. Front zips perhaps? What's the erbb take on the situation. For your troubles