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  1. Subway

    Somebody get random guy on the horn (and off the politics forum)

    my work computer has IT issues, the surf might be fun mid day tomorrow, and I think you should go in on construction costs with me on the Iguana property I just bought. Im tellin ya, fifty fifty. Vacation and surf, rental income. oh and let’s have lunch
  2. Subway

    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    the call was 30k, jumped to 32 just over night. I took some profit (paid for deposit on new roof) but now I recall seeing that same person I think calling 100k. Should I load up again? Heady times. Also preparing to take advantage of an S+P tank in Q1
  3. Subway

    Unlicensed underground indoor yoga

    First class just started downstairs. Got a true HEPA large room air filter set to germ mode, been humming away all night. Dogs chill. Everyone in masks. I’m upstairs with a carafe of OG Peruvian staying out of the way (made in a mr coffee dammit and it’s delicious) and our lawyer said just make...
  4. Subway

    Retiring to panama, pacific side

    I’m intrigued. I could probably unload the possessions and heirlooms, buy a big lot near the beach build a house. Anyone done it?
  5. Subway

    Mental Health thread

    anyone else kind of starting to lose it? NOT suicide watch, this isn't a cry for help, just a vent. all of the yoga, peloton, boardwalk bike rides, even surfed the last couple of days. I'm really tan, and thinner than I've pretty much ever been. And i just keep sinking. my industry could very...
  6. Subway

    Anyone who spent time surfing/drinking in Montauk in the 90s and 00s

    RIP Cyril. Good bye to a legend. so many stories...bomb smuggler for the IRA. US Marine in Vietnam. Raging alcoholic who managed to live to 77 (the length, depth, and breadth of Cyrils alcoholism is legendary even among legendary drunks) made millions off his little roadside bar and fish...
  7. Subway

    jersey pals, help a brother out

    you don't have to reply in public, dm is fine, but are certain places closed versus not closed to surfing? Asking for a friend ;) I have a few spots in mind that I think are open
  8. Subway

    Second shameless yoga promo thread

    Wife‘s class Starting live in a half hour on Yoga Shanti Facebook page. I’ll be on the mats with her, wearing rip curl and Flaherty of course
  9. Subway

    Second shameless yoga promo

    Wifey leading a class over at Yoga Shanti Facebook page at 5 pm eastern. Yes, there will be no snacks, but there will be subway wearing rip curl trunks and Faherty shirt, plus wife. Perhaps a snack for Eunice