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    The Results of a Weak Link

    I this was going to be about you not being able to access your old school emails.
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    3.4 million homeowners skip mortgage payments.

    We're still letting people in from South Africa and South America where there is the more contagious virus.
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    Democrat Insider Trading

    I wish I knew which stokes would go up. It would make playing the market a lot easier.
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    3.4 million homeowners skip mortgage payments.

    Temporary travel ban = poorly executed lock down? China could have stopped the spread by banning flights out of the country.
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    3.4 million homeowners skip mortgage payments.

    Didn't the correctly excecuted lockdowns work in NZ and Australia? Is this what you are alluding to: In response to a question about the economic consequences of lockdowns, Nabarro said: “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this...
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    ***Official Impeachment Proceedings***

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    "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix

    Those are my kids.
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    "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix

    I think I am turning into a crab/
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    Hate Crime Charges Brought Against Maui Individuals

    I wonder if they bought sight unseen. It seems like you would go down there and get the vibe. Some people don't feels vibes and charge forward. I can feel the vibes just by looking at the pictures. That house looks like a sh!t hole. The funny thing is is that you could work with one of...
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    Mental Health thread

    When you have experience or talent, it seems like beginners learn too slowly.
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    Hard Hitting Journalism In The Biden / Harris Era

    Hey, man, lighten up. He needs to change the stationary heading for his school's paper work. That is a lot of copy and pasting. They tricked him into coming back to work. That is stressful
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    Fauci speaks out.....

    I think the straw man is the attempt to scratch an itch that one can't reach quite with accurate representations. The construction process occurs at a subconscious level. I notice when someone has constructed a stramen of your beliefs, feelings and intentions, and you try to clarify, they...
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    Is it weird how people are able to look past Tom Brady’s political leanings?

    I didn't want to like TB but I listened to him in an interview and I was really impressed by his humility and commitment to excellence.
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    ***Official Impeachment Proceedings***

    Motivated reasoning at work.
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    Hate Crime Charges Brought Against Maui Individuals

    Paul Theroux occationally writes about the tribalism, anti-intellectualism, and xenophobia in Hawaii. Yet he still chooses to live there for half the year. Hotel Honolulu is such a fun read. His next novel is about a surfer on the N shore. Can't wait to read. We can do erbb book club. I...
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    Mental Health thread

    Young people need time and help to learn to adapt. Break down the task and socially engage and let time work its magic.
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    What is different about the terrain in NZ?
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    Distant Shores