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    Where should I sit?

    Don't sit next to da Hui!
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    Lately, in the environment, we need enforcers more than ever

    Luckily I have been going out early or to the less crowded spots, but this morning I had a late start so I was like fook it, I am going to Porto. There was a small line to get into the lot and I was the first car to get to the south end, it seemed almost like a pre-pandemic era Monday morning...
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    Parents with kids that surf...

    Your kids wear slides? that is so Ghettofabulous!
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    What is the most p|sses you've ever taken during a session?

    0 pisses. When you buy a $585 wetsuit, you don't want to pee in it.
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    Board Builders in LA

    Ryan Harris who owns Earth Technologies is probably one of the most innovative shapers in the South Bay/So Cal
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    Can we talk about fireworks every fvcking night in Los Angeles?
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    Patagonia Looter "girl in the yellow dress" gets nicked Some photos to jog your memories
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    Anyone Break the Curfew (LA County) for Dawn Patrol?

    I was going to hit dawn patrol at 530 today but too scared of getting fined. I saw guys out at El Porto though.
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    stomp pad on a 7'5" middie?

    good point, I will prob be riding it from the middle to the back.
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    stomp pad on a 7'5" middie?

    thanks for the link
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    stomp pad on a 7'5" middie?

    dims are 7'5"x22 3/4x2 3/4" with either a quad, thruster, or single fin setup ( I am 6'1" 240 lbs). I asked the shaper to make a middie that rides like a shortboard for the smaller days, cause I realize that I will never shred like Kolohe. I don't plan on throwing airs or getting pitted, so do I...