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    Super high tide this morning of 6.9' in Norcal

    Shout out Surfdad. You've officially gone meta
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    History / Memories of the erBB

    falc in a box tripped me out big time
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Pepper party won't stop. Decided to stock out family, friends, and business associates/accounts with the first two harvests and make some different hot sauces to share. Bought 96 five ounce glass bottles for the volume discount and mailed 72 of them out last week across the country...
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    History / Memories of the erBB

    Will there be a guest appearance of Warren Yee power trimming?
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Greenhouse peppers still going strong. Got these ripe habaneros, serranos, and pasillas in the dehydrator right now to concentrate flavor and batch up another round of hot sauce this weekend. Another stab at the habanero jerk spiced kind and the reds are going into a Subway inspired sweet hot...
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    The Random Photo Thread The friendzone angst scream is the best
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    Surf 100 North Point tonite 6PM

    PPV costs $14.99 and forecast looks to be chest high at best. That's a tough sell.
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Sounds tasty. What's the recipe? I've got a batch of serranos to jar up this weekend and could use some ideas besides the normal Tapatio style I usually do with em.
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    A thread about fishing.....just for the halibut.....

    Nice Labor Day nookie. Did you tie that fly? I lucked into this guy this past Labor Day weekend. ODFW opened chinook back up for just Saturday and Sunday. Caught a couple coho jacks, tied on a bigger size 7 Stinger Squid, and had this guy rip off some line 3rd cast. Had smoked belly for...
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    Hey everysurfer

    erBB bannings trip me out. Have we already forgotten CAsurfer's legacy?
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    As promised, I'll be sending the first batch of backyard hot sauce your way, Doof. It's a habanero/jerk seasoning concoction that's got a little more vinegar and lime than I've used in the past. Let me know how it goes for you and many thanks for the seeds!
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Stocked to see this USPS delivery from Mr. Doof today. A man of his word and truly dedicated to the erBB garden thread :cheers: Sowing half of these Bonita Cabbage seeds tomorrow in the green house and saving the rest for Spring 2021.
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    A thread about fishing.....just for the halibut.....

    Fish looks pretty good, but the crab pot is empty. 7/10 :trout:
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    ***Official FIRES thread***

    Heros saving heros
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    Official ***Wisdom that my Dad taught me thread ***

    Never discuss religion or politics with your neighbor If you're thinking about committing to a girl, check out her wrists and ankles. They'll indicate her future size There's two people that wear sunglasses indoors. Ray Charles and assholes
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    We've been down in Nor Cal socially distance camping in the mother in law's backyard this past week. She's recently widowed and been riding this whole deal out solo since March. We needed to make the trip. Taking advantage of outdoor activities with her from Bodega Bay down to Point Bonita...
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    MLB Official thread 2020

    I must now be true to myself acknowledge the likeability of a Dodger? Full identity crisis over here. Fernando was the only other one in existence until last nite. 2020 is a trip, man.
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Here's the latest on our 8' by 18' plot in 2020. Slugs and snails were brutal this year. Anything grown from seed was mowed down from those little bastards and had to be re planted 2 or 3 times. Spring was gloomier than normal and lack of sunshine stunted growth until recently. We're back on...
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    The Corona Cuisine Thread

    Summertime grill. We loaded up on bunch of farm stand veggies driving back from our daughters softball tournament in the valley( first place in the consolation bracket battling much bigger cities and programs, yeeewww!). Our coastal garden is always a month behind the inland heat. Chokes and...