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    North Shore jet ski carnage

    I know at least one guy who was out there driving a ski and I promise you, he shouldn't have been. You know who ends up responsible for this? Lifeguards. 80 rescues Saturday. This is nothing against Mike L., love Mike, he's a great waterman and an established surf media presence with a local...
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    North Shore jet ski carnage

    Our kids can't go to school, can't have amateur surf contests, can't have swim meets or service projects or any sports events, but Vans can have a digital Triple Crown and the entire North Shore can work itself in to a feeding frenzy for images to wring every dollar possible from surfing. It...
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    RIP ben aipa.

    I used to fin and hot coat his stock boards for a while in the late 90's. Mean headlocks when they weren't up to par, nice noogie laughing headlocks when they were. He was a really good guy. Aloha no anakala
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    Love is in the Air

    It would be so great for Medina to just say "Yeah I'm gay/bi/whatever who gives a sh!t. You're all kooks."
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    Surfing in thunderstorms

    When my oldest kid was about 9 we were surfing on a stormy day near our house on the east side. No thunder or lightning, no big deal. We saw a dark cloud coming in and heard the first thunderclap, and I told my kid let's catch one more and go in. Well that storm was moving fast, and being as we...
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    I was drinking a lot when I was working and living in the van. You're alone, go to dinner, order some drinks, crash out. It gets to be a habit so quick. I have nothing against social drinking at all, my wife likes her wine, but once it got to be a full on habit for me I had to give it a rest.
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    geez i hope so
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    I don't drink anymore. Everything Duffy is saying is spot on. Now weed... I have access to free, outdoor grown sativas of the highest quality grown down the street with zero pesticides, etc. I find I need very little -- like one hit -- to stay high for hours. And professionally I follow a...
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    Alec Cooke ? Ace Cool ... whatever happend to this guy ?

    Character for sure Too many stories Definitely charges Possibly can't die
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    Catfight at Pipeline

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    LA 80's Punk Scene

    Yeah its important to have a fascism party around to you know, keep us all honest :foreheadslap:
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Ah yes... any fool can see the logical straight line between “9/11 was an inside job” and “the earth is flat.”
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    God, cosmic teapot... amount of evidence is about the same. Believe if you want, but at least own it.
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    I thought you were a church guy