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    Needs Futures. End.* *and color RED, to go faster.
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    Future post-doc linguists will either love you, for the work or hate you for the headaches.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    It's a Pinto model.
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    Psaki's Punk the Idiots Show

    this is the outcome when certain people only know of participation trophies and nothing about winning. Good job Ifall, we know you tried your best!
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    Psaki's Punk the Idiots Show

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    WTF is going on with the world's shipping infrastructure?
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    yes it seems 'a little someone' needs a timeout. Foil forum, please. Someone will come and get you when you are ready. Try to think about what you have done and how it affects others.
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    Halloween with the Gromsdads

    TGI Fridays was/is the worst of the worst corporate restaurant chains. I worked there briefly as a bartender in the 80s. Made us take a lie detector test to get hired. Questions about drug use thieving. Once hired low and behold everyone is on coke. They made us cheer and amp up before every...
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    damnit that thing calls to me:oops:
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    Halloween coming up. What are you gonna be?

    ^ Will GD be your Bumbles? And please test to see if he bounces.
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    we don't prosecute shoplifters

    so you have been nipping GG's 'medication', poor choice when you want to write your deep thoughts. if you actually read the article they draw from mainstream news orgs and it is one of the last independent critical rags in SF. why the need to hurt Donuts so:cursing:
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    we don't prosecute shoplifters

    WTF are you even talking about? The NYPost and WSJ are disinformation actors? Walgreens sells Gucci bags? WTF kind of drugs have you fried your mind with?
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    we don't prosecute shoplifters

    Hmm who would have guessed?
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    RIP Colin Powell.

    :roflmao: you are amazing GD:cheers:
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    Why U hate Iron John, so?