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    The people's MVP is out here creating memes in anticipation of that 7 and 8 seed matchup. Warriors dynasty ain't dead yet
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    Grow Site Found by Rangers in Death Valley NP

    This podcast is really informative on the subject of public land grows and hits home on a couple fronts. The same trailhead access points in the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County zone that I grew up roaming now feature warning signs of grow sites and the danger you may face should you stumble...
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    Happy birthday Q_Surf!

    I think Q was to busy scoring powder runs all winter with his lady and her reclaimed health to check in to the erBB on a regular basis. Probably moving on to spring salmon and late runs of steelhead now. If he is reading this thread, HBD and need to meet up for a surf in your neck of the woods...
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    Whatever happened to SurfTech?

    I saw this pic on another thread regarding a homosexual surf camp. Seem about right, not that there's anything wrong with that. From what I see in the water, the VALs (vulnerable adult learners) moved on from Surftech to GSI and now currently going straight on Torqs
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    Happy Birthday PPK!!!

    Yeah Peter! HBD. Let's start planning that PNW part of your mainland roadtrip. You've got standing reservations with the spare bed and bath here!
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Spent some time this weekend building a couple metal boxes and bought some wine barrels for more fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, and bee attractors in the boxes, Bartlett dwarf, Bartlett espalier, columnar apple, and 3 way grafted Macintosh, Granny Smith, Braeburn apple in the barrels...
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    Gary "Gaz" Gregg aka Bloomies Paddle Out

    Thanks for posting that. It took over a year to put together his memorial due to COVID concerns and then a run unruly surf preventing the paddle out from taking place. Needed closure for many on mutliple fronts. :cheers:
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    Gary "Gaz" Gregg aka Bloomies Paddle Out

    El Ogro mentioned on a different thread about catching one for Bloomies. Made me realize he never got his due here on the erbb after passing from natural causes way to young. Some of you knew him from his postings here and the luckier ones got to meet or surf with him in person. A true surfer...
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    Can we talk about Caca’s not so veiled attempts at turning this forum into the political forum?

    You've come a long way Skully. The once 0% surf content poster 100% political content poster now regulating the erbb lineup. Ring the bell boys! :roflmao:
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    We just bought a house and moved across town. Had to say goodbye for now to the greenhouse, planter beds, berry patches, herb garden, and fruit trees we'd been cultivating for the last 15 years. Bittersweet in that regard, but renters of the old place are greenthumbs and appreciative of the...
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    NSR Guitar Buying Question

    Seems like there's a fair amount of musicians that post here and I'm looking for some advice on purchasing a guitar online. Any recommendations you can share on reputable dealers that you've used and had good experiences with? I'm a staunch advocate of supporting brick and mortar small...
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    Bailing your board.

    Is that the guy that Christian Fletcher intro'd at the XXL awards?:roflmao: In the July issue of SURFER, we misrepresented a situation in the “This Month in Surf” article on Page 48. We said that both Christian and Nathan Fletcher presented the award and that “they” made an off-the-cuff...
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    Good luck if they're into crossfit or BJJ. Those freaks are stronger than they look. Best to utilize a pit bull or claw footed bathtub.
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    Fav hot sauce's?

    I'm no expert, but working on a process that so far has yielded good results. Each batch getting better. Trying to eliminate processed sugar so just using honey and fruits for a bit of sweetness. Super easy to do, just takes a little time. Just finished these this morning and will mail em...
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    What is the best proven anti shark device, other than nets or drum lines ?

    Said it before and I'll say it again. The greatest Sharks repellent is the NHL Stanley Cup.