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    Remember when...

    Aggroville. Some classic characters on there with lots of talk about surfing the Potato Patch and Duxbury Reef ~WITH THat SNApCAsE ...BK!!! HE tYPed----LIkE THIs!!!! LIKE e.e. cummings ON CRACK!!`~``` Free the Pappys
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Do you use the stevia as a sweetener? Whats the best way to process, if so?
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    Halloween coming up. What are you gonna be?

    Make sure to accessorize with a styrofoam cooler of Buds. ON ICE. Mandatory
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    Geezers who surf.

    I've always referred to the 10am to 12pm shift as "Gentleman's Hours". Late enough to clear morning emails and early enough to miss the lunch crowd. If days are long enough and work obligations aren't pressing, also gives you plenty of time to get a second session in at sunset with the...
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    He who has the least ethics, wins.

    Historically, I'd say they've done alright. Discounting the intellectual potential of a country of 1.4 billion seems a little short sighted. I'm sure they're more than capable of developing whatever we are...
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    He who has the least ethics, wins.

    Anybody have any hacks to arm my Roomba for home protection? The pit bull I duct taped to it is counter productive. Little bugger can't keep the floors clean with all the shedding.
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    Your favorite decade of surfing

    In my mind it's the 90s since that was my greatest stretch of progression due to age. Learning new maneuvers, paddling out at new spots to me for the first time, and challenging myself in bigger surf. Geeking out to the Momentum generation stuff, "punk" music, and pouring over contest results...
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    What was your worst surfing injury?

    Worst physical injury pulling into an overhead barrel on an inside section over the rocks. Swallowed by the foamball and got cycled downward without a full breath. Board was tombstoning as I shot upwards without any thoughts to covering my head. Finned myself and scalped the top of my dome...
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    BSR Wavepool Waco?

    Who's been and what do I need to know? Got 3 hours total booked and trying to figure out if regular shortboard/fins are fine but feel like something shorter and stubbier might be the call? Bringing my everyday Lost Driver 5'11" and step down Uber Driver XL 5'8". Probably just some regular...
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    Ifallalot.....we're going to need your input on this.

    I quit drinking and lost 20lbs in 6 weeks with no other changes in lifestyle. Wish I would've done it earlier. The dry hopped Clausthaler is even better. Tastes like a Sierra Nevada style IPA. Athletic Brewing company makes some great NA options as well. Hell, even the smaller breweries...
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    Polo Ralph Lauren for Surfers

    My first thought was Joan Motion
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    Made some rib eyes for dinner tonite after reading this thread. Always do the AFOAF method but never add anything to the cast iron before laying the meat down. Fat renders instantly and seems to always provide enough grease and sizzle to maillard. If anyone is over and I want to look cool...
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    Things To Do in and Around San Francisco, Nayarit

    I was raised by the erbb. Actually, just didn't want the Doof rehash post 2 years from now asking for the recap and decided to get it off my plate now. I can't live with that kind of anxiety, man :trout:
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    Things To Do in and Around San Francisco, Nayarit

    Appreciate all the responses and recommendations. Super mellow trip and heavier on the relaxation side of things than the surf froth I'm used to when travelling. One of our party has been working hedge funds in NYC for the last 20 years and had zero interest in paddling out. Felt kind of bad...