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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    mostly the small wave gear for the summer. fairly good rotation for those but if I only get one board; nautilus still a winner.
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    rodanthe pier looks fun
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    I guess it's clear what he values. His actions have spoken and in my opinion are impressive.
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    Help me pick a non-surf related trip destination.

    culture, food, architecture and/or archeological type tourism. Italy and Rome in particular.
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    Anyone into Scotch Single Malt Whisky?

    drank it for a little while. then noticed if I drank it my urine smelled like whisky, and after a few times of that my whiskey started smelling like my urine and I was done.
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    The (Prone) Paddleboard Thread

    I should be getting a 12' in the next month. I 've done some research on the web for workouts but what are some group favorites. Also, any east coast guys, how far into winter do you paddle? through winter? Thanks, very stoked on the pending board.
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    sept/oct on the east coast

    By far my favorite time of year. Warm water, crowds have left, rideable surf for most of the next two month. Life is good.
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    Medical Insurance Bills

    what Casa said. also double check the insurance company. they often refuse things or don't pay for things they should. Like he said, once he reaches his max out of pocket that's it. If they are completely refusing to cover anything, find out why and fix or go charity care route. Most...
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    Navy SEALS - cheating and PEDS?

    guys I know are all super humble and stand up guys. Only know a few.
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    looking for fishing rod/reel recs for surf/pier fishing near home.

    Entry to mid level Thanks, VaB.
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    Anybody ever rent a car from Turo?

    Jeep on Kauai - went well
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    Empathy sucks

    "But researcher have found that if you are too in tune with other people's emotions too much of the time, it can lead to exhaustion, apathy, and even aggression and cruelty." I didn't read the study and have no idea if its true but "exhaustion, apathy, and even aggression and cruelty."...
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    Shipping a prone paddleboard

    I was quoted $800 to ship. Gotta wonder if you should sell and buy new at that price to ship. Especially, going to west coast.
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    Teaching kids to swim

    Anyone use any sort of formal teaching program? I'm trying to teach my now two year old how to swim and become comfortable with the water. She loves the pool and the ocean and is becoming more and more comfortable every day. My wife tried to sign her up for ISR last year but not spots. We...
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    WTB prone bark 14 ft paddleboard

    very good info. it'll be summertime/fall thing so trunks for maybe a spring suit. 12 would also be easier to store. Conditions are rarely clean so maybe a12. wish we had people out here and I could try both.