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    ***Official Stanley Cup Thread***

    Wow...jumping to see some hockey talk and got the Rome show Smack off...anyway, I thought whoever won game 4 would take the cup...sticking with that. Playoff hockey is still awesome with a big tv and the sound turned up! Miss Doc Mike calling the games...
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    Lake Mead water ... What will California do when it's gone??

    I need my Almond milk...
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    Lake Mead water ... What will California do when it's gone??

    Desal...although next to impossible regulations in California to get it done. Carlsbad plant took almost 15 years I think...
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    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    Ha! I'm going to bring my small Tenkara setup...see what happens...
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    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    Check the packable daypacks on Amazon...I have the hikpro, but there are other brands that pack up to palm size...
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    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    I have a Osprey Exos 48, so I guess I can just take the top lid off and use that as my summit pack...
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    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    Doing Mt. Langley in at Cottonwood lakes then summit. Thoughts on daypacks to bring with a backpack? I've been using a slightly overkill Osprey Talon 22 to do Baldy, then San Jacinto and San Gorgonio coming up...I use a hydration bag, but it seems no one uses those...?
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    If you had one concert to back in time to...

    Woodstock for sure...everyone was high af...but just feeling it! Richie Havens Freedom! Santana! Epic...but I did see Steele Pulse at the Freemont in SLO '84?..and, Mojo Nixon at the old Darkroom in SLO also...
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    Small GWS breach this morning

    Sweet...fin wearing, bodysurfing kneeboarder out...
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    NSR...What Mac book for grad...

    Thanks for the info!
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    NSR...What Mac book for grad...

    Who else to ask...? Son is graduating High School and wants a Macbook. Will be doing the JC route (see college thread)...wants to go into some type of design/architecture field...I have no clue on Macbooks, besides I know they are friggin expensive. Thoughts? Thank you,
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    Home improvement - where to start?

    Home Depot?
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    Order of Operations. Morning Coffee

    Heavy whipping cream instead of half and half or bettah
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    Guess the spot

    Yes, I see no pines...
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    Happy birthday Q_Surf!

    The Goods...