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    When to call someone a kook without being judgemental

    I was with my toddler today along the walking path that goes down to the beach, and I saw that guy again with his minimal with a tailpad so I asked him why he put a tailpad on his minimal, and he said for traction, no duh? He then asked me if I surf, and I said pretty much everyday in the...
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    Russian chicks are the best then there was this Russian
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    When to call someone a kook without being judgemental

    I was out yesterday and this guy paddles out with a brill cream helmet and he kept patting the back of his head and I was thinking "what a kook," but he wasn't acting like a kook, so I didn't want to yell that out to him. Then he caught a wave late and I could see him mostly go straight and...
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    is the term "haole" an inside joke for Hawaiians? move the "a" then you have "a-hole"

    Asians, such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, emigrated to Hawaii in the 1800 as laborers, like in most places of the world. I can't think of any racial terms for each race. I think you good as long as no one calls you a portugee
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    down rails vs step rails for a big guy board

    I ordered a big guy board from a local shaper and he suggested step rails. I see that proctor does a down rail. which one is good for riding/carving?
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    Brain Keaulana to build WAVE POOL on OAHU'S WESTSIDE

    is da hui gonna call the take off order?
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    The ***Official*** Mental Health Thread

    I definitely need some kind of mental health therapy since as I have been aging, I have been raging a lot. Like when I am the only guy out and some guy paddles out and sits next to me, I get so pissed I can't surf anymore.
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    A bank is suing me , need advice please

    There is a way to make your issue with the bank go away, which has something to do with making soap from liposuction waste.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    Let us know which one of your strategies works.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    No coffee, but Acai bowls or burritos,
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    That always happens, I go out early, I go out of my way down the beach, and every barney ignores all the empty peaks and crowd around me yewing every minute. Should I strap a scuba knife to my arm and act crazy to scare them off?
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    LIke I say, the better you are, the less crowded it gets.
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    (SOLD) 9' OakFoils Custom "Pynzer Twinzer" Longboard in Racing Yellow (((Price Lowered)))

    SIIIIIIIICK! I would feel bad buying this and having the two shapers I get my boards from see me in the water with it. Wayne's shop is just minutes from El Porto. I have seen a few of his sleds out there.
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    my foray into Reddit r/surfing community

    Hahaha, right after I read your reply I logged into reddit r/surfing and saw this circle jerk: My snarky reply got deleted