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    Yolo king:bowdown:
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    CI Twin Pin

    I like the bobby west side pad:shaka:
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    Best crowd killer performance board

    You could go local with one of Johns awesome quad eggs. He had a stock one for sale
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    Those t ross boards looks nice,where is he from?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Yeah i saw his post looking for someone to deliver them .sounded like a good deal:shaka:
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    Best crowd killer performance board

    Its c st you need a longboard or a sesame seed bun
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    Pro Surfer Shills

    Dont forget hard seltzers
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    One footed bootie

    I once had a deep cut on the bottom of my foot and had to wear one bootie while it healed. I got made fun of but it was better than not surfing.Or you talking about wearing one for getting grip to do airs?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Are those the new Luv machene?
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    Best crowd killer performance board

    Is that jwf personal board?
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    Nice yolo pack.Never thought i would want a purple board but that plasmic :love:Ci mid looks cool too
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    Kelly at Honolua

    spit podcast is still going strong .yeah guy
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    Kelly at Honolua

    If you are a Slater fan check out the latest episode of l8night with chocy podcast was a good one. And speaking of podcasts bassy said he was lurking on this thread:waving:
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    Rate your Skillz

    Add leash stringing dankness and wrong twin fin placement on all boards
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    Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking

    Im kinda in the same situation but i paid cash:foreheadslap: Im not even stoked on getting it anymore if it does get shaped.The erbb has shown that otr yolo instant gratification is the way and thats what im going to do next time