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    ****Official 2022 WSL Malibu longboard comp thread***

    The locked in nose rides were the only thing cool .Had me chuckling when one of the commentators was orgasming over a weak ass round house.There is no way these events get larger viewing numbers like joel was claiming
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    Album Surfboards

    I had to take a look :LOL:would that even be big enough for a shampoo rinse?
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    Ryan Burch Surfboards
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    I was drooling over that mandala when i saw on clist your stoked
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    What size is that sabre
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    Erbb is an influencer :ROFLMAO:Better give us bro deals and fast turn around times or else
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    Makua Rothman "Da' err Jah hawaiian Reggae"

    we call it Fakin jamican
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    Is that pic of the sugar baby that took down the clippers owner
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    Was watching a burch video yesterday ,kinda funny kelly wanted him to make him a longboard and he said no.He was like i would build him an asym though
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    AJW Potato Launcher 2

    Bret barely rides that board i one of his most recent videos. After he got the quads sorted he like it
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    Why don't hurricane names follow the same trend as naming babies?

    Do you think if they get to the letter k again and it is as bad as katrina , will they go all in and call it Karen ?As far as baby names are you going to take a hurricane called braxton seriously:D
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    Boardroom show coming up who gonna be YOLO dropping

    Should be mandatory for that guy to be wearing pit vipers at all times
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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    retodds old wtf is still my jam:jamon:but now im injured again so the erbb is my go to board for now
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    Boardroom show coming up who gonna be YOLO dropping

    just be like hey mate you want to go out to the parking lot and tailgate
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    Florence Marine Sale

    Im surprised there wasnt a thread ,but maybe was posted in the foul forum i dont look in there