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    Rest In Peace Chris 'Davo' Davidson

    When I saw the news about his passing this exact moment came to mind. Portugal if I'm correct. He just witnessed the king pull a huge alley oop in a time not many people were sticking them. He was paying his respect even though getting smoke in the semis. This is how I will remember Davo.
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    Thusday 09-22-22 Caught a crazy sandbar on the Outer Banks Thursday morning. This clip does not do it justice. Lots of waves closed out but if you got one of the good ones it was mental! I got too really fun ones that offered steep drop into a fast moving barrel that ended up closing out, never...
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    Subway, I think you were seeing lines from Fiona from when it formed until it got into the Caribbean. It wasn't big at that time but was in the swell window to give the east coast a little shot. Seeing it here in NC about the same size as the photo you posted. Looking forward to the end of the...
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    Well if that's the case I will stop calling him Felihiti, but until he starts really charging there to me he is Felihiti Toledo.
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    It's setup to make for an exciting day to crown world champions. I'm still not convinced it's how I feel a world champ should be made but I'm coming around to it. However a better venue has to be found. The title heats were held in crap! This is the first year I was more excited about watching...
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    sept/oct on the east coast

    My favorite two months of the year as well. You forgot to mention the fishing goes off during this time as well.
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    The Random Photo Thread

    Willam Dafoe or Courtney Conlogue?
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    RIP Alan

    RIP fellow surfer from NC! Cant say I can recall crossing paths with him but seeing all he's done I wouldn't be surprised.
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    You have a good point. Last year if anyone other than Gabriel or Carissa won because they had an off day on a wave of no consequence it would feel like a complete sham considering the dominant year they had. This year no one surfer has dominated and the finals day format does seam a bit fitting...
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    Never been a fan of this format crowning a World Champion but I will have to admit, last years finals day was an exciting day to watch. However, I still think it's stupid as sh!t for a years worth of contest points to come down to a heat or two at Trestles.
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    *** Official Outerknown Tahiti Pro Contest Thread ***

    Depends on who makes the team for Brazil
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    I guess the Coffey sisters can fall into that category now as well.
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    East Coast Crew

    Flat as a pancake here in Central NC.
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    *** Official Outerknown Tahiti Pro Contest Thread ***

    False alarm. The minute I posted that it appears the contest stopped for the day. Try again tomorrow.