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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    Anyone ever listen to the Stab Podcast? Its like a morning radio talk show for surfing. Light and you dont have to pay too much attention. Brendan Buckley is pretty hilarious too. Not as good as Aint that Swell but still good.
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    Nice, just sold an old Uber Driver that can justify the purchase. I've had a Disco Inferno blem that I scored for very cheap. Volume was a touch smaller than usual so I I've had it sitting for half a year. Finally surfed it today and was pretty stoked on it. Will need to surf it a bit more to...
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    What's the sweet spot wave size for this board? At some point I need to replace my I72 and figure maybe throw one of these on the order for shits and giggles.
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    The Official OBSF Support Group

    IIRC he was up there during that dreamy run of swell I surfed with him in the Moraga zone. Was funny cause he was sitting on the inside didn't appear to be get any but apparently that was the spot to be. Also surfed with Dane a few weeks after (have a feeling Bobby tipped him off) and didn't see...
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    The perfect gift. You can Thank Me now!

    The Marin, Sonoma, Mendo portion is a total abortion but maybe thats a good thing.
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    Happy 39th Aruka!

    I'm turning 39 on the 29th! Always stoked on your consistent board testing. Cheers.
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    New "Water Playground" Opens in Long Beach

    Probably cost 200 million for something that could have been done for 50k in the private sector.
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    *** Official Oi Rio Pro Contest Thread ***

    This contest sucks but it feels good to see the worlds best struggle in weird backwashy closeouts like we have in N Ca 80 percent of the year.
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    *** Official Oi Rio Pro Contest Thread ***

    Had to coddle the Brazo fanatics and offer up Griff as the sacrificial lamb.
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    Is WSL trying to prevent another Brazilian world champ?

    I watched the final and thought Filipe had it despite rooting for Cola as a californian. That being said Medina, Italo and Filipe may have a an edge on airs but it seems like the next crop: Griff, Igarashi, Robinson can do similar for an excellent score. What nobody else can match is Ewing...
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    Shortboards!!! Album, Lovelace, CI, Patterson

    Is the Happy everyday in varial?
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    Q-cell substitue?

    Not that I think this would be easy to find in Nica but for everyone else: I think its similar...
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    Feels so good on the right wave though.
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    Probably snagged the one you wanted from Prooflab.