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    Anyone ever have a porch/exterior light dispute with a neighbor? (Warning: Contains CasaMugs problem)

    Truth I somehow managed to avoid any noise complaints for a long time until one day a woman came over and absolutely lost her sh!t one day. I felt bad for her. Up until then my dumbass just figured that I wasn't disturbing anyone. I was nearing the end of my raging party days anyways. We had...
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    new board traction pad nerves

    So hot right now
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    Anyone ever have a porch/exterior light dispute with a neighbor? (Warning: Contains CasaMugs problem)

    I live below twins, a 4 year boy and girl. I hear them constantly, pretty much whenever they're home they're running around or banging on something. Those monsters just never stop moving. I complain once in a while when it gets really bad, and the neighbors are somewhat receptive. But, I...
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    Pyzel "Pyzalien 2" vs "Phantom"

    AM1's. I started with large Mayhems. Then went to AM1's and haven't looked back. I'm 155lbs and ride a stock 5'8".
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    So ridiculous. This is why cities do things like close beaches for the "potential" of lightning strikes.
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    Pyzel "Pyzalien 2" vs "Phantom"

    I can't really answer your question. But I will use this opportunity to profess my love for the Phantom. It's the perfect SoCal shortboard, IMO.
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    John John Florence's "Ghost" And The Art Of Big Wave Guns with Shaper Jon Pyzel

    He hit the jackpot when John's mom asked him to shape him a board. Sounds like he wasn't even a very experienced shaper at the time.
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    Scott Anderson RIP

    He shaped my first custom about 25 years ago. 6'3" thruster with red running along one side of the deck. If you lived around the Santa Monica/Venice area in the 90's there was a good chance you owned one of his boards. RIP Scott
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    Stupidest Surfing Fashion Trends

    Stupid surfing fashion trends of the future: -surfing fanny pack -surfing camelback -wetsuits with removable sleeves -wetsuits with smartphone pockets I'm filing my patent claims now. Ideas like these don't grow on trees!
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    Help! What do I do?

    My gf kept threatening to buy me a changing pancho. I avoided that landmine for years, to the point where she stopped bringing it up. Then one day a buddy of mine gifted me one out of the blue for helping him (try) to learn to surf. Son of a B. I don't use it much. But it's nice on cold days...
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    If you left California, where would you move?

    My lady thinks we're going to move in and immediately throw a party and invite all our neighbors. Ummm, let's see what we're dealing with first, was my response. We're in HPP 2 blocks from the water. From what I can tell Tweakerville is only a few blocks away.
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    If you left California, where would you move?

    The Big Island. We have a plot of land there that the lady and I will probably retire to. I gotta be near the ocean. I'd also love to spend time in Amsterdam and France. BTW, I still feel CA is one of the greatest places on the planet and I feel lucky that I've lived almost my whole life here.
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    4/3 recommendations

    +1 on Isurus. My 3/2 has been as warm as my 4/3 EBomb through this recent run of cold water.