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    Political Meme Thread

    I hear you ~ that was the first time I was able to post a pictures in a decade. I'n going to miss this place when it is gone , and I miss the good old daze
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    Political Meme Thread

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    Political Meme Thread

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    Looking for a camera-surfing injury downtime

    WOW Sponge that's what I scored a Nikon coolpix p900. . I found on Craig'slist $300. The seller liked the ease of a cellphone. Still learning the tricks but fun to take clicks... By the way~ that camera do you use for your amazing water shots?
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    Dec 31, 2015 This is what Surfwordz wrote and posted just after my ~ Guess who got an Invite to "The Surfer Poll" ?" I missed my flight and got another flight that got me to Kauai... I remember wishing I could have had Surfwordz phone number . So we could have meet me and took off to the...
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    The one thing I wanted to ask Surfwordz was a question about. The injury that started it all? Can anyone remember the cut that never healed? I plan to ask our friend Brent to ask Clay.
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    I thought I had only bought dreamed I sent "words" a new computer. I'm stoked actually mailed it !
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    Howzit Dale brah :) Hey thanks again man. I can't even describe how nice this thing is. Its super fast compared to the last computer I had. It actually makes it fun to use no waiting around for the page to finish loading or just freeze up altogether yeah? Right on, brah! :) you know, I...
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    R.I.P. Surfer Magazine

    In the new issue of SURFER they mentioned "A few things we got horribly wrong" in the June 2004 issue. It was about the time I made the cover! "If you stick this cover under a microscope, you might just find Dale Webster on there somewhere. If you ever get a chance to see the cover of the...
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    Happy Birthday PPK!!!

    HapPy BirthDay Peter! remember ~ Your First Wave on your birthday sets the tone for the whole year~ lets hope it is A GREAT YEAR! Daily
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    ***Official FIRES thread***

    Oh Man...I just checked the wind direction at my house ~ blowing from north to south pretty strong... away from my town... Every thing is dry. bad Ash. Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 26, 2020, #268 ( Dane Wigington )
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    Vote Him Out!

    Have you heard the news? Trump is going to do away with Obama Care ... They are going to name it... Thump Don't Care
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    Vote Him Out!

    'Vote Him Out!': Protesters Boo Trump During Visit To Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Casket
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    RIP Surfwordz!!!

    Was I only dreaming? I could have sworn I cut'n'paste a post from surf words