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    LAW and ORDER !! ) If an executive is ousted from his or her job and leaves on bad terms (refuses to acknowledge the successor and does not support any transition) and is suspected to have absconded with...
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    Was Trump selling nuclear secrets to our adversaries?

    :roflmao: so not important I am surprised doofus potus even mentioned it !! )
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    Hoebert is Damn Dumb

    this must be a antifa false flag !! :) )
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    LAW and ORDER !! )

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    Ongoing fallout from trump's malfeasance

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    This is TDS…

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    doofus potus is second only to Robert E Lee as a leader of rebels !! )
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    Political Meme Thread

    I have no idea !! )
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    Political Meme Thread

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    LAW and ORDER !! )