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    ...Let us all welcome Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fisher...

    Living a pretty damn good life
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    Pliny the Younger

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    Von Sol 'Flying Manta' stub groveler

    Damn there are some nice boards in there. So do they send buyers out anonymously answering clist ads?
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    Am I the only one who thinks this thing looks pretty difficult to surf?

    Kind of a funny style but how many portly dudes do you see surfing like that? I don't see many.
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    Challenging conditions

    I think east and gulf coasters might disagree
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    ***Official 2020 Community Surf Journal***

    Fun ones early at a spot that sucked in the small 15 sec swell. Fuse was not the perfect bort for the wave but got some fun ones nonetheless.
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Does trip ride a 6'2"?
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    So which one of you was the troll that slater called out?

    If you're right so what? There's still an insanely likely chance that the keyboard douche can't and that's the point
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    So which one of you was the troll that slater called out?

    Homosexuality pink frisbee was the name of my favorite toy as a kid
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    Checking interest for selling a Carson Salick board.

    Can this be used in water?
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    Cobra Killer

    I haven't but it's about time they came out with another model!
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I've had the same email thread since the first board I ordered. Makes it nice to always go back the the original thread for reference. Easy to talk to and very reliable with communication.
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    Pliny the Younger

    I like pliny but it's just an average good beer in San Diego IMO. In fact, for Nor Cal I'm surprised it gets so much attention as well.
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    Board breakage. What to do :(

    testing out tunes for his youtube channel