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    Fiji Trip Brah

    Good luck!
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    Fiji Trip Brah

    Print up some, "Tav Brah", T-shirts to stock the natives.
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    Cali Lunch Brah

    Is this 2031? Wasn't Big Arnold after JB? (Actually, I found interesting that the water source could affect the pizza dough.)
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    Cali Lunch Brah

    I could be wrong again, but I don't think Jerry Brown was governor in 2018.
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    Cali Lunch Brah

    To most CA natives the word, "California". has a beautiful sound, an an even more beautiful geography, and heritage. As many in the world view the USA as their desired destination, similarly many Americans view CA the same way. One is foolish not to realize that many who love California do not...
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    Houston stampede

    Facts can be so confusing.
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    Cali Lunch Brah

    Healthy affordable seafood meal; Zubies Calamari Giant Fajita Taco. Under $11. Large portion of squid so tender it is suspicious, with bell peppers. jack cheese, onions, and sauce, red cabbage & pinto beans on the side. Zubies Dry Dock, Adams & Magnolia, 1.5 miles from the pier in Huntington...
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    Cali Lunch Brah

    Would anyone put a type of fuel in their vehicle that was bad for their car? And yet, few people behave as though their Earth vehicle, (their body), should have appropriate fuel. Doughnuts anyone?
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    Hypothetical Lineup Engineering

    I lived on Maui long ago. I always thought Sharkpit was a manmade cut into the reef for a small boat channel. I might be wrong. Saw one of the old FLA pros. (forgot who) riding a finless board just sliding sideways inside tube, after perfect tube. Was on the N shore of Molokai, looked like a...
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    Surfing, Surfer, Tracks Magazines - anyone have?

    The best of 'em all was Surfguide. The interviews were uncensored, full of minor criminal acts, smoking mota, Dora on his usual warpath, the HB crew etc. Went bankrupt after a The Surfer lawsuit. Funny thing, the plaintiff Bill Cleary became the SURFER editor. I would love to hear the inside...
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    Bubble Baba Challenge is Back

    Sex doll tandem surfing! But where? WSL?
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    Ah, The Good Old Days!

    The 9:00 mark has a familiar image, maybe the one at 12:30 would've been good also. And be sure to get a Wonder Boner for the wifey.
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    Hats off to 20W - catalina classic 2021

    I am so impressed I will do that EPS repair cheap, (the more complicated the better), you do the final sanding. North OC, PM me
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    Any SoCal shapers not dopey Trumpers?

    The answer I'd like is that politically, philosophically, morally, and emotionally that you are more in line with the Bushes, McCain, and Romney than you are trump.
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    Any SoCal shapers not dopey Trumpers?

    Maybe the thread's OP is a Republican, after all two previous GOP Presidents said they would not vote for trump, as well as the two losing presidential election candidates Romney & McCain.