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    Poast your strenf training program

    You want to research something interesting Google "Bronze Age Bodybuilding." Late 1800's to early 1900's. Some of those guys were ripped beasts. No steroids available and no PhotoShop etc. Many of them used very light dumb bells. Up to a hundred reps. Some of them were doing full body...
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    175 Americans die per day from fentanyl and Fox News wants to cancel Halloween

    Good. Maybe I won't have to put up my "No Candy. Supply Chain Problems," sign again.
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    Have you looked at your 401K today?

    Even the super rich didn't get richer. The 2022 Forbes 400 List Of Richest Americans: Facts And Figures ____________________________________________ For the first time since the Great Recession, the super-rich did not get richer this year. After a roaring 2021, the 400 richest people in the...
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    Long COVID = Fibromyalgia = Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    There is Lyme disease on the west coast...
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    Obsessive compulsive disorder? :crazy2:
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    Rest In Peace Chris 'Davo' Davidson

    When I was 17, at a high school party I had someone take a wild right swing at me. Osoto gari/hip throw. I stuffed the swing and reflexively threw him. There was no decision or thought. No time. The first thing that hit was the back of his head. I rode him down and landed on top of him. Saw his...
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    Rest In Peace Chris 'Davo' Davidson

    That should be required viewing for every 13 year old boy in the country.
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    Rest In Peace Chris 'Davo' Davidson

    Latest News - NSW Police Public Site Man dies; another charged over alleged assault - South West Rocks Sunday, 25 September 2022 08:47:49 AM A man has died, and another man has been charged following an alleged assault on the state’s mid north coast overnight. Shortly after 11pm (Saturday 24...
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    SF beatdown

    Poop complaints rose in all SF neighborhoods but the Tenderlion ( According to SF newspapers, poop is still happening! It is nice to hear that all that money the city spent on their special Poop Patrol divisions is paying off. RG, on the dispensary tour! What an animal! Did...
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    Christian Nightmares

    MIDOL!!! STAT!!! holy sh!t.
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    I'm just going to leave this here... I don't have enough bars to communicate all the way from the Valley to the top of the Mountain, so y'all have great weekend! ;)
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    Biden Inflation Explosion
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    Who would win in a dryhumping match?

    Call me. :monkey: