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    Rob Case Paddling Videos/Paddling Technique In General

    it's a good tip, i'll tell you this though, higher volume boards might make paddling easier, but it puts more stress on your shoulders, the more emerged you are in the water, the more similar paddling is to the crawl stroke utilizing your lats more than your delts
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    Superbrand Fling

    that's how i feel about these type of shapes, they work good in the same volume range as shortboards, maybe 1,5 liters up but that's it, otherwise they get tracky and hung up a lot
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    Proctor MonsterChief

    I've ridden two proctors and they were both amazing
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    Surf Coaching

    if you are limited on time and can do one of those 1 week intensive boat trips with a coach, i can see it as being useful, or an occasional refresh to get you thinking right if you live in a consistent place. but for what it costs you could travel somewhere and stay longer, which probably helps...
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    Any Other Martial Artists Out There?

    been training mma off and on for about 12 years started as a whitebelt in BJJ this spring just for the hell of it (but in a group with accomplished martial artists from other disciplines) both my kids do Judo. Excellent cross training, and fun This forum is what actually got me into MMA way...
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    The Swedish Experiment

    No one is saying that , or at least not me
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    The Swedish Experiment
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    Tomo MPH

    this thread is slowly turning into a firewire forum thread
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    Volume Forward Performance Boards

    true but they do bigger carves turns like a longer board
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    Recommend A Step Up/Good Wave Board

    I have the lost Tube Pig....use small Accelerator fins from FCS which are smack in between a performer small and medium, so more of a medium small. Find that narrow tail likes the smaller fin, and keeps it loose enough on a smaller section I have two step ups, a classic 6'6 and a 6'0 tube pig...
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    Front foot traction convert – Will I be banned from the erBB?

    i'd get one if i was always surfing in a suit with no boots, I like the grip of soft winter wax with boots, and in the tropics I don't like the rash I get while trunking it. might get it for my boards stashed in Portugal
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    Recommend A Step Up/Good Wave Board

    if you are light and a good surfer, this quiver is pretty optimal. Info aobut his step-ups
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    FCS H4

    interesting, i have only surfed a backside reef with mine, and thought they felt pretty good, i did notice a skipping sensation every now and then, and sometimes the opposite, like the fin feels bigger than it is. Ive had it in my cymatic as my other boards have futures and haven't been able to...
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    Surf Equipment Failure Thread

    Believe or not , I did one sesh a couple weeks ago (water reached 21 but has since dropped to 17) The aforementioned incident happened in Oz
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    Surf Equipment Failure Thread

    and those black plastic FCS fins of the late 90's...they sucked so bad i got glass ons for another ten years