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    Hawaii- Done

    Trailforks is pretty good
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    Hawaii- Done

    MTB oahu is pretty fun- Sounds like you may be near N shore?, you could Try Pupukea - there are some fun trails, pretty easy for the most part I remember. Kahuku is full on moto, not the best if you want some serenity to your rides... Laie has a fun little area. Lastly the Ohana trails...
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    RIP Kalani David

    This is SUCH a Bummer Always wondered what would become of Kalani, I was hoping he would break out and fully make it to the top. I heard from someone close to him there were home life / guidance issues. We know he had a good life, ripping, rest in peace
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    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    RIP Greg, thanks for the great fish thru the years and will miss you in the mtns. eternal glass for you my friend
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    What board would you ride in these waves?

    yep, agreed, was gonna say, i'll be riding a cooler or a lawn chair of some sort
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    South Africa / J Bay

    i've been to Durban/umhlanga area and Jbay awhile back. One of the mornings by the point/jbay I was there for an am surf, a 'dead' baby shark had washed up thru the channel in the reef. It was beached and was like 15' -looked like a baby whale, just freakn huuuuge. Pretty sure they used a...
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    Mark Zuckerberg - Waterman

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    Lowest-bullshit way to buy good used boards for N Shore?

    HIC is good people, and good deals on boards, You could/should order a Tokoro (kerry) from them, great glassing in my experience when they were getting boars done by eric. Not 100% sure if they are using the same glass shop anymore. the wife er i mean boss and I used to order lots of boards...
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    wtb FUTURE Thruster set YU's

    k, let me know, I stay ready, really want those finns.
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    wtb FUTURE Thruster set YU's

    Hey sent you a pm, would like them there fins if you check back anytime soon.
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    Hawaii- Done

    every time i ever saw him hes just grumbling about something and yelling at people
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    wtb FUTURE Thruster set YU's

    Cheers for that, i checked in with them a couple weeks ago. looks like $130 Shipped if anyone wants to know
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    wtb FUTURE Thruster set YU's

    someone has to have a set of these?. they arent very good, maybe you could sell your set? :)
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    Parmenter Micro Stubby and Malolo

    live on maui, exchanged a few emails, tried to order blanks from him when in he was in CA, then tried again to order anything once he got on kauai. he said 'still trying to get set up' try get in touch with me a little later". tried again and it seems like pullling teeth trying to get boards...
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    North Shore short term rental debacle boils over - winter pro circus threatened - Backpackers DONE?

    Is it worth regulating? i think pro surfing ruins, fook them guys