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    The Surf Nazi has spoken: No access for you

    Breaking news: The area due East of Point Conception is experiencing an unexpected increase in the number of Ornate shrews, red-legged frogs And Snowy plover. Experts are befuddled by this sudden migration...
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    Endurance = NOT DONE!!!!!

    Literally finished “Madhouse at the End of the Earth: The Belgica’s Journey into the Dark Antarctic Night” yesterday. That preceded Shackleton, and Amundsen was first to the pole afterwards. Definitely badasses! What a cool discovery!
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    Shingles Vaccine.. Yay or Nay?

    I had my first last month, and scheduling my 2nd. Had a sore arm and was ‘off’ a day or two. My Mom got shingles years ago, and she’s still dealing with it. My brother-in-law just got it. What they had in common was radiation treatment. Both highly suggested getting the shots.
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    What was your first job?

    14/15 over the summer. Dana Point Fuel Dock, ruled by the feisty and classic Reginald Sargent Doll, and his sidekick Doberman Capt’n Bligh. Buddies and I were attendants, and it was good times! Cal, veteran and Native American, was always there to talk story. Between the fishing fleet, yacht...
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    Surf Contest Equipment Trailer and the Complete Event Setup Was Stolen in Oceanside

    Anyone get the cops to pop the chop hop chop shops? :shrug: blithering with spittle, out!
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    " #newlook "

    Needs accessories...
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    The Random Photo Thread

    There’s quokka in his eyes...when the mailman becomes the first sign of danger, there will be outbound ‘deliveries’
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    Hypothetical Lineup Engineering

    A.C. P. V. but I cheated!
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    Would you surf on Bouvet Island?

    I’ll have to ask if she’s single... ironically my father-in-law took this picture. Photography is his pastime... he’s Chair Emeritus at Stanford for his work in infectious disease.
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    best place learn tuberiding?

    He’ll need a quiver of wiggle tails
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    I love a Good "Good Book" thread

    Finished a ‘Crime and Punishment(?)’ trio... Bad Blood, John Carreyrou... the circus trial is now in town Empire of Pain, Patrick Radden Keefe... the Sacklers should have been keel-hauled Billion Dollar Whale, Wright and Hope... Jho Low goes big, and goes ? Now on to Madhouse at the End of the...
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    bad dope in oxnard

    We lost a Senior in High School, and friend of my oldest son since pre-K. The funeral was last Friday. While there wasn’t a formal toxicology report, it was something he snorted laced with fetanyl (that much was known.) I’m guessing Oxy. Spread the word. Good onya Stringcheez. Sad irony...
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    Del Mar Airport?

    Emergency landing of small plane on I-5 at Via De La Valle... Thats gonna back things up...
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    Would you surf the coast at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island if there was a big swell but lava making the ocean boil?

    She burns everyone that gets in her way... rights, lefts... and should you straighten out, you’re reef fondue