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    Official ***Wisdom that my Dad taught me thread ***

    "The angle of the dangle is in direct proportion to the mass of the ass." R.I.P. pops
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    dave parmenter is a surf guru

    Always liked his writing. I remember a particular good piece many years ago called Iconoclast Now in Surfer I believe. He seems nice?
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    Give me an excuse not to go to Utah!

    Damn. I'd say rent a hot tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Avila but they are probably closed. Maybe check out some hikes in Montana De Oro? Probably a cluster fook right now though. Wineries? Skate park in SLO? Morro would be a packed too. Hell I dont know. Maybe Zion isnt such a bad idea.
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    Another kayak attacked by whitey in Shelter Cove

    Fooking terrifying.
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    Crowds at your local?

    The main spots in town are beyond maximum capacity lately. I have to laugh though cuz 5 minutes down the road I can still get plenty of peaks up and down the beach to myself.
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    Bombing hills

    I seem to go down the YouTube hill bombing hole every couple weeks. sh!t makes me nervous as fook!! Almost seems doable sometimes when Im watching, but I know real life is a completely different story. Backyard pools, ditches, parks, Im in. Big hill bombs, I gotta pass. Respect to the ones who...
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    4th of July plans?

    Planning on skating a couple backyard pools in the Malibu hills. Yeewww!!
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    World's worst / your least favorite waves?

    Man I have tried to give it the benefit of the doubt a numerous times over the years and even when it had size. I just do not click with that wave at all and Im goofyfoot. Slopey gutless wave imo. I have buddies who have had great surfs out there they've said but I never have. Maybe its just...
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    World's worst / your least favorite waves?

    The funniest part is there are people who claim this spot out there and try to protect . Ive seen people get vibed on the south side of the pier when the waves weren't much better than in these pics. It was hilarious. As for County Line, Id agree with everyone else here but id say another wave...
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    Bruce is back

    Along with having one of the best names ever, Ricky Stiles fkn rips!
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    Grom Sky Brown takes a hard fall

    Tried watching this last week. Was not able to. Had to stop it as soon as she left the ramp. Trigger for me.
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    Happy birthday B5F!

    HBD B5!
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    Best white t shirts?

    How the dimensions on those Next Level T's? Im a XL, but Im lankier than I am wide so a lot if times the XL's turn into half shirts after I wash em. Im sexy as fook in a half shirt, but Id prefer more coverage. Dont dig the super wide, short XL T's.