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    Anyone want some wine?

    What happened to my offer in LA? Schedule didn't work out? I'm in SC Feb 1-3, happy to take what you want to bring. PM me if you want to meet up.
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    Bozeman real estate.

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    Anyone want some wine?

    Enframed, just PM'd you. My kid is in Santa Monica if there's some left. I'd be stoked to take some off your hands, whatever you're willing to share. He's around this evening (after work) and tomorrow off and on.
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    Wavegarden Bristol

    That's on my to-do list the next time I'm visiting my friends in Bath. Can't wait to hear your report.
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    Poast your strenf training program

    I did that 20 rep squat scheme that someone mentioned earlier in August and September. I found a program online that looked interesting, and thought I would give it a try. Took my 5 rep max and dropped it by 90 lbs and started there. Then added 5 lbs every workout for a total of 18 sessions...
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    Off Shore HB

    Took my lady up there to surf this morning and was surprised by the event. Went down to Newps and watched it from there while catching solo waves. Man, watching those planes was simply amazing. Pretty cool to get a surprise like that!
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    Un-official 2021 Tropical action thread

    :jamon: Today was good. Long morning session, followed by after lunch session in trunks. I am a little hypothermic now, though :drowning:
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    Choosing a new board online: Are these Maz's mates?

    17 decibels for Volume. hahaha
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    Hats off to 20W - catalina classic 2021

    Way to go! What an accomplishment!
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Is the SuperBuzz more of a grovel board (like the Manta) for like softer slopey waves? I get lost reading the different descriptions.
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    SoCal representin' :cool:
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    The Craigslist Thread

    haha ... basically, the board I ordered is a 5'8" with the other dimensions being the same. Too funny. This will be my first twin fin, so hopefully I'll be able to have as much fun on it as I do on my other boards. Had to jump on the gravy train and see what the hype is about.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Man, those look good. Too bad I just ordered a similar looking board, or I would have grabbed one.
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    Costa Rica this summer

    I haven't been, but that is my understanding for entering - no test needed. I think you need a QR code, but I don't know what that means. Yes, the eMed test works for entry to US. I did it in Nica, and my friends did it departing Liberia in CR.
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    I needed today. Got a noon session with basically no crowd, had a peak primarily to myself for about 1 hour and then the crowds started coming. So many waves I actually got tired. Haha. Even with a wetsuit, I was stocked having so much fun. I would say 3-5', mostly lefts, but some rights...