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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    30 min quicky this morning Very fun waist high peaks with some head dips and check turns . Stocked Vip parking Osprey twinzer These gray morning seam to have the least amount of people out and I enjoy that very much
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    Composite Stringers

    3/16 appellcore is the most consistent. The guy has serious wood knowledge and makes an excellent product Cedar is the next best as it has a consistent grain pattern. Also the lightest weight . Bass is nice and strong . May just cause a board to buckle above the fins instead of snap
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    Salmon Creek Shark Attack?

    Must be Sharktober
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    Got the now now now fin placement

    Did Landon start a new label
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I would size u on a 5-8 × 21.25 x 2.75 ( foiled out) Double bump squash . Quad if the Bu is backside ( more versatile at dialing in the feel ) If the bu is frontside . Glass on keel Light glassing if u go pure.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    The WTF is a sleeper . It has a low end and a very surprising upper end
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    The Craigslist Thread

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    Any SoCal shapers not dopey Trumpers?

    M10 is your guy He might hate Trump more than you
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    That looks excellent
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    Kelly’s Mexico quiver

    Or maybe he painted these black
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    Kelly’s Mexico quiver

    Looks like the jobson template
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    Kazuma surfboards

    And takes a nap during the day Ala siesta
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    The Biggest Single Tab Keel Fins These are nice and bkack
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    EPS Foam Recyclability vs. PU

    The eps blank needs to be sealed, spackle, z sealer, or mircoballon resin mix. The re finish Sanded. If you skip thus part chances of pinholes are likely The lam takes some planning too , because the resin does not kick as fast you have some drainage or pooling issues. If the temperature is...