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    Florence Marine Sale

    John John’s wife is the only female on board? :shrug:
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    The Purge coming to Illinois?

    Could get interesting :cool:
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    Different strains....

    The Haze. Oldschool Sativa grown by an Oldschool guy in his 60’s
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    Aloha Fr!day!

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    Turds from TJ ... Free of Charge Amigo!

    Time for the cartel to step it up. A total win for everyone!
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    We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin

    not going to lie, that Hovercraft shape he has looks fun for small mushy summer waves. Green Barrels for Greg! Aloha Sir
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    Pros who were "Cancelled"

    Bruce got quiet after that DWI thing a few years ago. Before that he was on board with Snapt traveling with Koby and Betet in Indo, and still surfing.
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    Wanna Be Vloggers?????

    What’s his YouTube channel name? We can clown on him there
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    What do you put Ketchup on?

    Banana Ketchup is where it’s at
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    Different strains....

    Biscotti X Gushers Certified Pressure Biscotti
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    *** Official Surfing Videos Thread***

    Andy and the Radicals
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    *** Official Quiksilver/Roxy Pro G-Land Contest Thread ***

    Another finals day in less then ideal condition. :sleep::sleep::sleep:
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    Different strains....

    Apples And Bananas Rainbow Belts #41 X The Pink
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    Different strains....

    if outdoor is so much better, why does indoor grown cannabis sell anywhere from $2-6k a unit, While sun Grown is less then $600 a unit?
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    Different strains....

    300 a qp of what? Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse/deps? Electricity costs money. I’m on the east coast in an illegal state. A friend in NJ said legal sales are $60 an eighth for boof warehouse weed.