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    Self-Shaped Boards, Let’ See ‘em

    Self-shaped and glassed. Poly + Epoxy Resin. Both surprisingly work great! Next is a pintail twin.
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    5'3 Mandala ASQ

    Hey grendel! How did you like that board? Was it too big/small?
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    Boards for Sale - Torrance

    Hey Waterlogged05, Nostalgic post! Honestly, it was one of the best shortboards my brother and I surfed. Worked best in better surf (3-5ft decent power), it felt great and under control in those conditions. I surfed it at my normal volume range and we both regret selling it off. Haven't found...
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    Whats wrong with this board??

    Makes me feel better about my own glassing ;)
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    Second Self Shape

    Did the epoxy saturate well for you? With one layer of 4oz or 6oz it saturated well but with two layers (4oz+4oz) I ended up with a lot of tiny bubbles. I used a good amount of resin too, I wasn't trying to skimp out.
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    Second Self Shape

    Thanks man! I'm trying but it's definitely hard being away from the water. Just been swimming everyday at the gym. Gotta find a way to get to the ocean more! Surfing any new boards?
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    Second Self Shape

    Thanks Aruka! Have you been glassing your boards using poly resin? I'm not sure if it's just the epoxy I got but it's terrible to use. Might try poly next...just watching video and it looks like it saturates so much better all the way to the rails.
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    Second Self Shape

    Thanks everyone for your positive vibes! Now only if they will ever open up Surf Ranch to the locals haha I'm only 30 minutes away...
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    Second Self Shape

    That's good to hear! A Burch asymm might be my next custom order for sure. I don't think I can shape something like that. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give the Akila's a try if I can find a set.
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    Second Self Shape

    Thanks guys! Yup, just learning on YouTube. I went with fuller rails not as tapered down as my fish. I used Kazuma's recommendation with the rail measurements. His videos are the best. JKB, the dims are 5'2 x 18.5 x 2.25. Surprisingly catches waves much easier compared to my fish. Even...
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    Second Self Shape

    My second board after shaping a 4'10 fish. Tried a twin pickle-fork but with a standard hybrid outline vs the more parallel shapes you see around. I had an old CI Pod and Pod Mod that I loved so used them as a base outline. I was also curious to shape a pickle fork and as I imagined, it sucked...
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    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    Looks so sick JKB! Lemme know how it goes!
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    True Ames R. Lovelace Keel vs. Piggyback

    If anybody is looking to sell their Lovelace Piggybacks, please let me know! Thank you!
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    I started a surf brand...

    Thanks for checking!
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    I started a surf brand...

    Yea, definitely a tough market. Thanks!