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    blowing up spots for cbd ad

    hmmmmm, wonder where this is?
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    Bob Hall Pier

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    Bob Hall Pier

    Lost the end of Bob Hall Pier around 2:30 today. It's stood tall since 1982 and has weathered dozens of hurricanes and tropical storms. Hanna's torn it's T-head off Hurricane Ivan 2004 jumping off gone
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    Will the Left ever hold the Racist, White Supremacist, and Homophobic Che Guevara to the same standard as US Historical Figures?

    Schit, dude, you're gonna need a bigger paddle. Listen, I'm not sticking my head out of my hidey hole for nothing. I agree with everything everyone believes.
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    Go Massholes!!

    Traditional malls are walking dead before this pandemic. They weren't going to survive anyway
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    Do these guys remind anyone else of IRA and/or middle-eastern militias?

    Nope, anti-gubment...more like Ted Kazinski
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    Huntington Beach - Massive Protest - Surfers Revolt!!!

    Revoke his gym membership...he'll pyss himself as he lies weeping in his bed
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    What'd I miss? Did he fall off the edge of the Earth, or got banned, or moved back to NY got the Covid and croaked?
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    All you MAGA cucks may want to reconsider...

    1st of all, run farms and ranches that ffed your sorry ass. Truckers that deliver said nessessities. Essential employees who distribute those vital supplies....etc.
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    Where's frvcvs when you need him?
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    Kim Jong.....done?

    You can't help yourself. Nobody's getting funerals or viewings during this time.
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    Door cams are really devious
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    RIP otf???

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    Personal knowledge?
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    Who's working? Who's not?

    One of Top 10 best rockish songs